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70 DAYS And Counting Until 70000TONS OF METAL 2024!

Sailors! The countdown continues with just 70 days left until #70000TONS OF METAL 2024! For five days and four nights, you’ll be immersed in an extraordinary experience at Sea, rubbing shoulders with your favorite Artists in an unparalleled fan-friendly environment…

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Interview with Viperwitch New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal


The band Viperwitch offered a potent blend of wisdom and lived experience in their advice for aspiring musicians and bands hoping to navigate the treacherous waters of the music industry. Anchored in authenticity, resilience, and the ceaseless quest for knowledge…

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Interview with Human Paint

Photo and interview by: Amy Asche

Resident Rock Star Magazine interviews members of the band Human Paint, David Assari, David White, Joey Veca, Charlie Sujeta, and Aaron Martinez. Piecing together their origin story, evolution and future, Human Paint discuss how…

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Interview with Goat Hill Massacre

At Resident Rock Star Magazine, we have the pleasure of interviewing awesome bands and artists that rock the stage and create powerfully iconic music. For this issue, we got to sit down with the incredibly talented Joe Wilkins from Goat…

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Interview with Mind Incision Nu-Metal Maestros

Music defines and molds us in ways too subconscious to explain. It reverberates through our lives, resonating with our feelings, echoing the narratives of our journey. Today, we have the pleasure of featuring one of such narratives – a candid…

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