Illusions of the Passed 


Illusions of the Passed 

By Amy Hutcheson 

When one goes to photograph a séance there are a couple notable things to be aware of. First, it is a lot like photographing a funeral. It is eerily quiet and every click of the camera echoes in the parlor like the clicking of heels on hard wood. You must be silent and respectful of both the living and the dead in the room and following instructions is crucial. It’s not often that someone lets a photographer come and capture their feats of illusion and mentalism. After all, one doesn’t want to give up the ghosts of all their tricks and treats to just anyone off the street. 

I had the honor of being allowed to follow Claire Voyant and her lovely assistant Jenna around the famous Stanley Hotel before one of her performances in December of 2019. 

The historic hotel is a museum of not only the fascinating history of the hotel and the beautiful town of Estes Park, but also boasts several exhibits pertaining to the hotel’s notable cinematic endeavors, including photos and autographs of celebrity guests and perhaps the hotel’s most well-known claim to fame, inspiring Stephen King’s The Shining. 
Claire Voyant’s show dramatically introduces its captive audience to both the old and new history of the grounds and emphasizes the power of connection between both the living, the dead, the past and the present. Amongst tales of piano playing ghosts and the hotels intriguing history of famous guests, Claire Voyant takes you on a mystifying journey through the natural and the supernatural. This is not your average magic show. 
“Illusions of the Passed” is a theatrical séance featuring the charming pianist and resident illusionist, Claire Voyant, the Mistress of Mentalism. 

Enter her intimate parlor and experience an unforgettable encounter with those passed. 
This production explores the haunts and history of the spirited Stanley Hotel. 

Appropriate for ages 10+. Show extended through May 31! 

Tickets are on sale now at 

Aiden Sinclair Presents 
Illusions of the Passed featuring Claire Voyant 
A Foolish Mortal Ltd. Production 

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays through May 31 
Doors 7:30pm, Show 8:00pm sharp 
GA: $30 
VIP: $50 
$5 Discount for Hotel Guests, Military, AAA

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