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Ministry 06/17/12 Event Review ( Blackburner) 

Next up was a hard hitting, face melting, mecha-alienesque dubstep/electronica band from Los Angeles, Blackburner.
Putting on a fantastic show from the very first song, these guys tore it the fuck up with super hard hitting bass drops
and beats so bomb I couldn't help but wonder why every one in the joint wasn't shaking their asses like I was. With creepy
glowing rabbit robot masks and lighting eyes and ears, their stage presence was anything but dull. When I heard the words
"You poked me on Facebook, now you're going to die", I was like FUCK YES. The crowd really started to get rowdy when
Blackburner threw giant black balloons out into the mass of humans on the floor. Crowd participation: people love that
shit. I was definitely impressed by their performance, and made sure to pick up a CD and button at the merch table after
their set.
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Keep your horns up high,
-Nikki Battlescar



Skyla Talon

Cleopatra Records proudly presents BLACKBURNER, a bold new force in electronic music masterminded by multi-talented producer/musician Skyla Talon. A Michigan-born Los Angeles transplant, Talon cut his teeth in the music capital of the world with the modern metal band Killingbird, which he founded, and in 2005 joined Scum Of The Earth, featuring former ROB ZOMBIE axeman Riggs.

Inspired by the revolutionary new sounds in Dubstep and Glitch music generated by the likes of fellow metal-head-turned-DJ SKRILLEX, Talon began the BLACKBURNER project, remixing tracks and releasing original compositions through the Cleopatra imprint Hypnotic Records. The project immediately met with enormous success as compilations featuring BLACKBURNER climbed the iTunes Electronic charts and BLACKBURNER tracks racked up over 15,000 downloads. Bolstered by the overwhelming on-line buzz, preparations were made for a full-length album - and now the time has come for BLACKBURNER to make its worldwide launch. Influenced by Talon’s background as a metal guitarist/vocalist, BLACKBURNER combines the heavily twisted and seriously aggressive Bass beats of Dubstep and Glitch with the melodic hooks of Rock, Industrial and Electronica to create daring yet widely appealing new hybrid sound. ►► FEEL THE BURN! ►►

Record Label
Cleopatra Records - Hypnotic Records
General Manager
Press Contact
Booking Agent
Stephanie Luciano, TKO

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