Chapter Requirements: 

Chapter Requirements: 

What it takes to start your own chapter of the Metal Maidens Street Team in your area. 

You have one or more members in your area who have been a part of the team for more than 12 months. 
You have at least three total prospects and/or members in one area who would like to form a chapter. 
You have at least 3 members or prospects that pay regular monthly dues to 


Chapter Area: 

Chapter President / Founder: 

Phone Number: 
Email address: 

Chapter Vice President: 

Phone Number: 
Email address: 

Chapter Secretary: 

Phone Number: 
Email address: 

Chapter Mailing Address including zip code: 

Do you have a dedicated photographer in your area? 
Have they filled out the photographer sign up form on our website? 
Do you have a support system in your local metal music and art community? 
How many total prospects do you have in your area? 

(Prospect = someone who has filled out the application and turned in necessary documentation.) 

How many members do you have in your area? 

(Member = someone who has been an active prospect for at least 12 months.) 

What does your group hope to accomplish by forming an official chapter in your area? 
Do you and your newly formed chapter members understand and consent to the guidelines, rules and confidentiality agreement outlined on this website? 
Electronic Signature: 

After you submit your application, the Metal Maidens administration team will review your application and vote on a decision. Members of the administration team may want time to ask you questions, get to know you or assess your team and your information will be made available to them so that they may contact you. Your requested chapter leader will be notified by email when a decision has been made.

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