Metal Maidens Dues:

The purpose of dues is to help keep us moving forward.

Everything we want to do in this group costs money.

We need merchandise, prizes, calendars, magazines, and much more.

Dues are moneys collected for the greater good of the club.
Meaning cash we all pitch in to do stuff, like pay for the website or calendars to be printed, a trip we want to take, or a Maiden who has earned her hoodie.
These are all things that cost money.

For many reasons we are a “Club.”

Membership, rules, dues, officers.
These things all make us a club but we are also a “street team.”

A street team is a group that hands out and spreads information to the public.


We were founded as a street team and turned into a club because of our numbers.


·        The support of the local and national music and art scene is always our #1 goal

·        Giving our members a positive self-image is our #2 goal

·        Portraying ourselves positively in the community is our #3 goal


Street Team/ Club Membership Levels:

Prospects – Dues optional $10 a month

Members - Dues optional $10 a month

Officers - Dues optional $10 a month

Nominees - Dues optional $10 a month




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