DARKNESS EVERYWHERE: Debut LP From Bay Area Melodic Death Metal Crew, To Conquer Eternal...

photos by Joe Calixto

“…a lean, mean melodeath ripper.” – Decibel Magazine

To Conquer Eternal Damnation, the incinerating debut album from Oakland, California melodic death metal outfit DARKNESS EVERYWHERE, is out today on Creator-Destructor Records.

Unstoppable and unflinching from the first note, DARKNESS EVERYWHERE’s To Conquer Eternal Damnation delivers ten volatile tracks, burning with the patented early-1990s Gothenburg sound, adrenalized with merciless high-tempo executions forged by the second wave bands of the style, citing The Haunted, Dimension Zero, Carcass, and Hypocrisy. With zero ballads or filler tracks, and no venturing off-course, through every minute of the album, DARKNESS EVERYWHERE stays intensely focused on decimating their target: the listener.

To Conquer Eternal Damnation was produced, mixed, mastered by the band’s own Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland and completed with artwork by Adam Burke and photography by Joe Calixto. The track “The Architect Of Misery” features guest vocals from Laura Nichol of Light This City.

Decibel Magazine’s upcoming feature on DARKNESS EVERYWHERE calls the LP, “…a lean, mean melodeath ripper,” expanding, “To Conquer Eternal Damnation stands in contrast, then, to Majesties’ crystalline, Jester Race-worshiping Vast Reaches Unclaimed. Yet both records, alongside new slabs by bands like Upon Stone, the Halo Effect, and Dungeon Serpent, seem to herald a surging melodic death metal revival.” New Noise Magazine’s interview praises, “This is a masterpiece of harmonic metal.” Ghost Cult’s review states, “…DARKNESS EVERYWHERE sound more like they just emerged from Sweden’s nineties Gothenburg melodic death metal scene… the Oakland four-piece produce the ‘no clean vocals’ type of melodeath.”

Founding vocalist/guitarist Ben Murray states, “The day has arrived! I’m beyond excited that our new album To Conquer Eternal Damnation has been unleashed to the world. This album feels like the culmination of twenty years spent writing and enjoying this style of melodic death metal, and we couldn’t be more stoked for everyone to dive in to the ten tracks that make up this record. It’s definitely the most cohesive and crushing album I’ve been a part of, and hope that fans of the genre enjoy it!”

Cameron Stucky adds, “I’m truly proud of this release, and believe we’re offering a significant upgrade to our sound and overall approach as a band. We wanted this record to be in your face, punishing, and yet present more melody and depth in the songs. Thank you in advance to all who listen and support this full-length!”

Listen to DARKNESS EVERYWHERE’s shredding To Conquer Eternal Damnation everywhere including YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

To Conquer Eternal Damnation is out today on LP, CD, MC, and digital at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE, and is streaming everywhere. Also watch the videos for the LP’s “Retaliation” HERE and “The Architect Of Misery” video HERE.

Watch for new tour dates and more from DARKNESS EVERYWHERE to post throughout the months ahead.

5/25/2024 Neck Of The Woods – San Francisco, CA w/ Vale Of Pnath, Abigail Williams, Summoning The Lich

DARKNESS EVERYWHERE formed as a trio in late 2020 with the goal of writing songs heavily influenced by the classic mid-1990s Swedish melodic death metal sound. However, this isn’t the individual members’ first time around the block when it comes to melodic death metal. Founding vocalist/guitarist/drummer Ben Murray is a founding member of Bay Area band Light This City, as well as being the owner Creator-Destructor Records, and now also a member of A Wilhelm Scream. Guitarist Cameron Stucky is a member of symphonic melodic metal act Crepuscle. Bassist Zack Ohren recorded and produced all of Light This City’s albums throughout the past twenty years and continues to be one of the leading metal producers in the industry, having worked with Machine Head, All Shall Perish, Animosity, Decapitation, Suffocation, and many more. Drummer Garrett Garvey fleshes out the now four-piece lineup of DARKNESS EVERYWHERE.

The glory years of early In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquillity are what largely inform the sound and aesthetic of DARKNESS EVERYWHERE. The core of the band is built on the feel of those legendary records, while offering a refreshing take on the no frills melodic death metal sound akin to the output of modern outfits Horrendous, Majesties, and Upon Stone. The band wastes no time in getting to the point of melodic death metal riffing and driving, thrashing tempos. Preceded by their 2022 debut EP, The Seventh Circle, and 2023 standalone single “The Glow Of Haunted Existence,” To Conquer Eternal Damnation is the band’s first full-length venture.


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