HIPPOTRAKTOR: Stasis Full-Length From Belgian Post-Metal Collective Out Today On Pelagic Records!

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Belgian progressive post-hardcore quintet HIPPOTRAKTOR presents their second full-length album, the epic concept record Stasis, today via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

Originally a three-piece instrumental outfit consisting of Mechelen-based producer, songwriter, and guitarist Chiaran Verheyden, bassist Jakob Fiszer, and drummer Lander De Nyn, HIPPOTRAKTOR finally found its stride with the permanent introduction of guitarist/vocalist Sander Rom (L’Itch) and percussionist/vocalist Stefan De Graef (Psychonaut) in 2021. The combination of Chiaran’s impressionistic songwriting ambitions and Stefan’s powerful, narrative-charged lyrics proved to be a golden combination on the band’s debut album, Meridian, which masterfully transformed the band’s disparate instrumental compositions into a singular, driving work of sonic fiction.

Consisting of seven compositions written with the full creative force of the five-piece in mind, HIPPOTRAKTOR’s second record is a lavish, dynamically complex sound, with a multilayered structure much greater than the sum of its parts.

Stasis tells a story of human nature,” notes De Graef of the album’s narrative. “As the protagonist enters a new world in which he is confronted with other humans for the first time, he acquaints himself with their customs and ethics, discovering generosity and empathy, but also greed, jealousy and hatred.” Rather than chronologically, the story unfolds in retrospection as our protagonist looks back upon his life among his kin, his struggle with good and evil, and his fight against the stasis of living a life purely based on self-interest.

Balanced in the middle of the Stasis story, “The Indifferent Human Eye” sees the album’s nameless protagonist eventually fall victim to his own ego, consumed by arrogance. However, this hubris soon crumbles away to leave nothing and no one by his side; beginning a redemptive journey to find and nurture a single shred of decency within. Complete with exhilarating vocal harmonies and grinding, polyrhythmic breakdowns that capture the tale’s euphoric highs and crushing lows, “The Indifferent Human Eye” is just one part of the Belgian quintet’s ambitious narrative epic.

Taken from the Greek word for “stoppage,” Stasis is HIPPOTRAKTOR’s warning to us all; a call to action and compassion in a world that’s hurtling towards a cynical standstill.


Watch HIPPOTRAKTOR’s previously release video for “Renegade” HERE, “Silver Tongue” HERE and the record’s title track HERE.

Stasis is available on CD, gatefold LP, and all digital platforms on June 7th. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Fans of Gojira, Meshuggah, Textures, Psychonaut, Uneven Structure, Tesseract, and Herod, don’t miss HIPPOTRAKTOR’s Stasis.

“If young groups like HIPPOTRAKTOR represent the future of prog metal, the genre is in safe hands.” — Prog

“…massive, rolling tsunami waves of riffs, undulating groove, and a penchant for twisted syncopations and low-end thundering.” — Nine Circles

“Extremes collide in Stasis, a luminous yet visceral creature that transcends paradoxes. Driven by an irresistible energy, HIPPOTRAKTOR fully succeed in their challenge and continue to explore dense and intense universes, without denying power or nuance.” — La Grosse Radio Metal

“The contrast between that good and evil is perfectly represented by the contrast of HIPPOTRAKTOR’s magical clean sections and crushing djent-laden heavy passages. If you like thinking-person’s heady prog and a bit of headbanging to go with it, then ‘Stasis’ is the album for you.” — Metal Digest

“What may be one of the best post-metal records of this year…” — Noizze

“A must listen for anyone into djenty prog and is sure to satiate your meaty riff thirst!” — Everything Is Noise

“A lesson in musical balancing act, where power and sensitivity hold sway without ever taking precedence over each other.” — Sounding Shivers

“Stasis is one of those rollercoaster releases filled with emotion and raw power. The band’s sound is very polished, allowing all songs to nicely progress, breathe, and deliver powerful messages and crescendos from start to finish. If you are a fan of Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Gojira, and Meshuggah, you will certainly love this release.” — Infernal Masquerade

Stefan de Graef – vocals
Jakob Fiszer – bass
Chiaran Verheyden – guitar
Lander De Nyn – drums
Sander Rom – guitar/vocals


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