13 questions with Blood of Lilith

13 questions with Blood of Lilith 

Written by: Valerie Vanian 

Blood of Lilith = Lisa, Amber, Tiffany 

Resident Rock Star: Introduce yourself: 

Amber: “We are Lisa, Amber and Tiffany. Lisa is our Lead Singer/Guitarist, I play Drums and Tiff is on Bass.” 
Tiffany: “Amber and I also get to play with Backup Vocals now and again.” 

RRS: Where are you from? 

Amber: “I am from Denver, where we are based out of.” 
Lisa: “I'm originally from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I moved to Denver in 2010 for a short time but moved back again in 2016.” 
Tiffany: “I am originally from Lubbock, Texas, but have been in Colorado a little over 7 years.” 

RRS: How did you meet? 

Amber: “Lisa and I met over 10 years ago when a friend of mine brought me to their band house and we clicked, we have been best friends ever since. My now husband also was in Alabama Lie Detector with Lisa.” 
Tiffany: “At some random metal show, a few years ago, I met Lisa. We can't ever remember.” (Laughs) “Which then I met Amber through Lisa.” 

RRS: Were you in bands previously? 

Tiffany: “This is Amber and I's first band, Lisa is our veteran. I actually joined the band after Lisa and Amber had started forming it.” 
Lisa: “I've been playing since I was 9 but started playing in some bands in High School. In 2010, when I lived in Denver the first time, I was in Denver-based band Alabama Lie Detector. Then in 2011-2014 I was in Fort Walton Beach-based band Holding God Hostage. In 2014-2015 I was in a cover band in Fort Walton Beach called Runaway Jane. After moving back to Denver, I was in Denver-based band Viperwitch from 2017-2018. 

RRS: How long have you been performing as Blood of Lilith? 

Amber: We have been together for about 9 months, or so.” 
Lisa: “Due to how the world is right now, with COVID, we haven't had any in-person “LIVE” performances, which has made it hard for a newer band.” 

RRS: How did you get the name Blood of Lilith? 

Amber: Lisa and I threw around a few names before settling on Blood of Lilith. We believe Lilith is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment. She believed that women and men were created equal, all the way back to biblical times.” 
Lisa: “I feel it is fitting, since we are an all-female band trying to make it in a male-dominate world, anything boys can do, we can do.” 
Amber: “Also, Metal as Fuck!” 

RRS: How would you describe you sound? 

Lisa: Our sound is very diverse. We could fall into a few different categories. Metalcore, a little sludge metal, hardcore.” 
Amber: “Even Pirate metal!” (Laughs) “We are a smorgasbord of metal.” 
Tiffany: “Like a metal buffet, a little bit of everything.” 

RRS: What bands influence you? 

Lisa: I feel like guitar-wise I have some Black Label influences, some Lamb of God, some punk influences like Brody Dalle, even influences like Alestorm." 

Amber: “Definitely." 

Tiffany: “I definitely have some numetal bass influences, some funk too but honestly, I have been influenced by everything from Motley Crue to Dream Theater. We even have songs I feel have some Children of Bodom type influences and we also even do a Killswitch cover.”

RRS: What is your favorite song to perform? 

Amber: “Personally I like playing 'Paradise'. It is fun as fuck, and we all get down on it. 
Lisa: “I love 'Paradise' too, but I also love playing 'Blood of Lilith' too, because it is brutal as fuck.” 
Tiffany: “Mine is 'Shield Maiden'. It's just a fucking epic story and it just pumps you up.” 

RRS: How has the current COVID restrictions affected your group? 

 Lisa: “We have been unable to play our first live show. We want all our friends and family to be able to experience this with us and would be devastated if someone couldn't get in due to capacity restrictions.” 
Tiffany: “We definitely want everyone to be safe, including ourselves, but we also want to come out with a bang, so right now it's just not been doable.” 

RRS: What do you have upcoming? 

Amber: “We are actually hitting the studio to record our second release, 'Shield Maiden'. Which we are also recording a video for by the end of the year. So, keep an eye out around the beginning of the New Year for that release.” 
Lisa: “We will be continuing to work on music videos after the new year. We hope after that the COVID situation gets better so we can actually hit the stage.” 
Tiffany: “This is a very strange time right now, so we feel that even having videos and recorded music is the best way to get our stuff out there if we can't play venues until the shit in the world has settled down.” 

RRS: Do you have a message for your fans? 

Amber: We want to thank our fans for the support we have received thus far.” 
Lisa: “You can support us by sharing our music, subscribing to our pages, we are even working on merch that you can get your hands on soon.” 

RRS: Where can fans follow you online? 

Lisa: YouTube for sure” 
Amber:Facebook, Instagram. Also, in the process of getting our Spotify up and running.” 

Online: linktr.ee/BloodofLilith

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