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Bloodstrike – Interview Rhiannon Wisniewski 

By Heather Hardcore 
Photos by Amy Hutcheson 
Bloodstrike is a death metal band right here in Denver, Colorado. The band started out in June, 2014 with their demo, Necrobirth. The demo drew a lot of attention, and this lead to signing with Redefining Darkness Records, in September of 2015. They released their first album “In Death We Rot” soon thereafter. They recently just came back from a Midwest tour and I had the pleasure of interviewing them. 
Q: Tell us a little bit about Bloodstrike. Where are you all from? 
Bloodstrike, hailing from Denver, Colorado, is Holly Wedel – vocals, Jeff Alexis – guitars, Joe Piker – guitars, Rhiannon Wisniewski – bass, Ryan Alexander Bloom – drums. We are all native Coloradans except for me (Rhiannon), I am from Cleveland, Ohio but have lived in Denver over 10 years now. 
Q: How did the band get started? 
There was no question that we wanted our approach to be based on a 90’s Swedish death metal sound since we started. Simple, heavy, and dark but a little death-and-roll / groove, too. Jeff, Holly, and Joe all came together with that goal in mind, and put out ads on Craigslist to find a drummer and a bassist. Luckily, they snagged Ryan in that manner, but still had no luck finding a good fit after several bassist auditions. After some frustrating months-so I'm told-Jeff finally remembered that his old friend Rhiannon (me) plays bass and thought to ask me to come check the band out. That was at the very end of 2013, so by January 2014 we were finally a full band and haven't had any line-up changes since. 
Q: What did you all do before Bloodstrike? 
We're all metal scene veterans, having been in several bands before Bloodstrike. Jeff played in Silencer and a Slayer tribute band called Divine Intervention, Holly has done vocals for Torrid Flesh and Nexhymn, Ryan played drums in Havok, Joe was in Dripfed and Clusterfux, and I played synth in Somnus and Moth, bass in Of Man and Machine, and did backing vox for bands including Acheron and Avernus. We all have years of experience writing music, playing shows, recording, and most importantly, honing our craft of being reasonable bandmates to one another and representing ourselves well in the scene. 
Q: Why did you choose the name Bloodstrike? 
Bloodstrike is our name because it sounds old school metal, is easy to remember, and isn’t too long! We found out that there is a comic book series with the same name, but none of us are comic geeks so there is no connection. Most of our friends and fans don't seem to know about it either because it doesn't come up too much, only when you try to Google us. 
Q: Tell us about your recent tour. 
We played 12 dates in the Midwest, starting in Nebraska, winding through the Great Lakes heading as far east as Buffalo (and doing touristy stuff like seeing Niagara Falls), then back west and finishing up at the KC Blackdeath Fest II in Kansas City. We had particularly cool shows in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Detroit and saw lots of friends old and new along the way. Since I'm from the Midwest, I was able to hook up lots of places for us to stay with friends, making things a lot more comfortable and personable. We even got a delicious homemade spaghetti dinner cooked by my mom; you can't beat that! 
We rented our van/trailer from the Satanic Mechanic Sam Panthers, which made things more affordable as well. We didn't have big crowds everywhere, since we are still relatively unknown outside of Denver, but the people who did see us were enthusiastic and bought merch and hung out with us. I think it was a great first tour. We all got along really well, no arguments despite stinky ranch flavored snacks, and even all fought through a shitty cold, except for Joe who apparently has the immune system of a god. It was overall a really good experience. The worst things that happened included repairing a tire, me getting too drunk in Chicago and not playing very well (sorry), and a handle breaking off Joe's guitar case. All in all - pretty damned lucky! We thank everyone who helped us make that tour possible from the bands to the people who booked us to those who hosted us and gave us food and beer! 
Q: What exciting things do you have coming up? 
We're opening up the Denver Black Sky fest at the Gothic Theater on December 10, playing with awesome bands like Demolition Hammer, Terrorizer, Exhumed and Skinless! We also look forward to playing the Metal Maiden’s calendar release show at The Gothic Theatre on December 3rd at 7 p.m. 
Q: What are your current goals and what do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? 
We're currently writing songs for our second full length release, which is our main focus right now. We'll release that in 2017 and hit the road again, possibly through Texas the next time and eventually the west coast and even Europe. We will continue to write, record, and jam with the hopes of getting more people into our music. Watch for band news here: 
Thank you Heather, Amy and Resident Rock Star Magazine! 
It’s not a surprise that Bloodstrike is making its mark on Denver! We have a lot to look forward to including the release of the new album. 
Support local metal, and make sure you get out to one of these shows at the Gothic! 
-Heather Hardcore-