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Play the Kate Middleton Name Game 

Kate Middleton has quite a few names. She also has even more iconic looks. If only someone could assign those various names to the most fashionable of her looks.

Actually, that's exactly what the good folks at XUMO did when they teamed up with Vanity Fair to bring us one of the funniest versions of "the name game" ever. It's definitely not something you'd want to miss.

Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more entertaining videos.

Vanity Fair on XUMO - Play the Kate Middleton Name Game from XUMO on Myspace.


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All 600 Episodes of The Simpsons Will Air in a 300-Hour FXX Marathon 

Chromeless player for the 2012 redesign. Homepage lede placement.

For Simpsons fanatics, it sounds like a dream come true: From noon on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24) until Dec. 6, the FXX network will be airing all 600 episodes of The Simpsons in chronological order, spanning over 300 hours (13 days).

Carrie Fisher Hilariously Explains Why Princess Leia and Han Solo Were Broken Up in The Force Awakens

According to IGN, FXX currently holds the record for the longest TV marathon, when the network broadcast 552 episodes of the same animated series in a 12-day marathon in 2014.

The Funny Reason Why Viola Davis Didn’t Want to Win an Emmy This Year

The new, 27-season marathon will begin with the 1989 SimpsonsChristmas special, also known as Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. The episode was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 1990.

The 28th season of The Simpsons premieres on Sunday, Sept. 25 on FXX’s parent network, Fox. The 600th episode, Treehouse of Horror XXVII, involving Frank Grimes, is set to air on Oct. 19.


This article originally appeared on TIME.com

Kristen Bell’s Throwback School Portrait Reveals She Had a Mullett in the ’80s 

Kristen Bell might walk a red carpet with ease now, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t have a “disastrous haircut” growing up.

Daisy Ridley Quit Instagram Because of the ‘Pressure’ of Growing Up in the Public Eye

On The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, the Good Placeactress revealed that she played baseball on an all-boys team as a kid. While some might worry about the gender disparity, Bell reassured host James Corden that she fit right in with the boys, thanks to her very ’80s hairstyle that came courtesy of her mother.

My mother made sure that I would not take any flak from anybody because she gave me a real disastrous sort of haircut to make sure I fit in with the boys,” Bell said. “She took the bangs past the ear, past the forehead, past the ear, all the way down to the back, which I believe we now call a mullet. So I never had any problems because everyone thought I was one of the little boys.”

Watch Chris Pratt Tell His Hilarious Death-Defying Horse Story

Bell even generously shared a photo of the memorable cut on the show, which you can see in the full clip below.



This article originally appeared on TIME.com

Paper Route Go All In with 'Real Emotion' 

On Nashville trio Paper Route’s third album Real Emotion, the group went all in for the cover — literally. For the image, lyricist and frontman JT Daly used monochromatic mixed media — prints, paint, and found items like a boombox and an old TV — to create an room, an installation filled with different pieces inspired by a song in the album. Then Paper Route posed in the same room — immersed themselves in their songs, so to speak.

Daly, Chad Howat (bassist and pianist) and Nick Aranda (guitar) have been a band since 2004, and have toured and shared stages with acts such as Paramore, Thurston Moore and Mark Kozelek. Real Emotion drops today (September 23); to celebrate, Howat chatted with Myspace to talk about their beginning and future. (They’re also heading off to a national tour starting October 27, featuring Halfnoise — Paramore’s Zac Farro — as an opener.)

Hometown: I’m originally from the Chicago suburbs, the same area as Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins. JT is from a small farm town outside Cleveland, OH and Nick is from the high desert in California.

Homebase: We live in Nashville, TN

How did you all meet?

JT and I met in college. I joined his band. That band moved to Nashville. Band broke up. We “retired” from band life. He started doing art and I started producing. We then decided to make some music for ourselves and we haven’t really stopped since, no matter how hard we’ve tried. We met Nick a few years later when he was playing bass for a bunch of national artists. We didn’t need a bassist but we liked his personality and musicality.

Why are you called Paper Route?

A couple reasons. JT had a paper route as a kid and it reminded him of his youth. My dad had a paper route (in the middle of the night) as a second job when he was a school teacher, so that we wouldn’t lose our home. It reminded me of my adolescence and witnessing what it took to make ends meet.

Tell us why is your album called Real Emotion.

JT had the song title “Real Emotion,” which stemmed from a conversation he was having with a friend regarding mental health and the impact it has on relationships with those closest to you. I’ve battled OCD and anxiety for most my life. We’d been open with each other about the collateral damage our mental illnesses can have on ourselves and the ones closest to us. It’s hard to wrestle with thoughts like, Maybe the only way I can actually love somebody better is if I just take this pill of synthetic chemicals every day. 

What’s different about this album is that Nick’s guitar is front and center on quite a few tunes. JT’s voice has never sounded better and he’s exploring new ways of using it. The beats, keyboards and sample-mangling are still there, but we sort of see this as our version of a guitar album.

How do you describe your music to someone who's never heard you before?

It’s a difficult thing, so I usually just try to avoid the answer and tell them to just check it out. That being said, I think if you took M83, Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, The National, Nick Cave, Blur and Massive Attack and mashed them together, we would sound somewhat like that. This album is a bit more focused on the guitars and JT’s voice.

Did you grow up in a musical household?

Yes I did. My mom is a self-taught pianist and her whole family sings. Every Christmas we sing a dozen Christmas carols and there are tons of harmonies flying around the living room. My grandmother is very old but her voice is very sweet. My uncle, Pete Sallis, is a country songwriter here in Nashville. So I grew up surrounded by music. JT did as well. His dad was in bands and his uncle is an amazing pedal steel player who played with Johnny Cash and other legends back in the day.

Does living in Nashville influence your music?

There’s a rich history of songcraft and musicianship in Nashville. Anybody can experiment and get crazy and weird in the studio, which we LOVE to do, but if that’s married to a well written song underneath, it’s a beautiful thing. We try to make sure beneath all our sonic tomfoolery that there’s a solid skeleton.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

There are so many different influences. Between the three of us, the biggest ones were maybe Bjork, Elton John, Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Oasis and quite possibly a lot of obscure ‘90s CCM bands. And George Harrison is our favorite Beatle.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

The collaboration list is way too long: Max Richter, Nick Cave, Christopher Nolan, Jeff Nichols, Baz Luhrman, Kendrick Lamar, Pixar, Damon Lindelof, Nigel Godrich, Kate Bush, Spike Jonze and, um, Banksy. Maybe we could compete on Chopped or Naked & Afraid. I’d lose so quickly on BOTH of those shows.

If you were a hashtag, what would you be?


Do you have an awesome Myspace-related story as a musician?

I remember when we first got our Myspace account. It had to be around 2006 or so. I remember when we broke 100 plays. My roommate at the time was getting around 300 or so and he would give me advice on how to promote online (which was a new idea at the time!). Then we released an early version of our song “Carousel” and it had 3,000 plays in a single day! Managers and labels discovered us through Myspace.

T.I. Drops New EP 'Us or Else' in Response to Police Brutality 

T.I. sheds a light on racial injustice in America on his new EP entitled Us Or Else

"It’s basically my take on things that are going on, how we got here, why we’re here, speaking to the oppressor and just trying to put something out there; a platform for people to speak so we can address this and move past it," explained the rapper to Hot 97 in July (via Billboard).

"I can’t really go into the studio and write records about throwing money in the club. It just don’t feel responsible."

The release is especially relevant this week considering the recent police shootings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott. 

Watch the video for lead track "Warzone" and stream the entire EP via Tidal.


Real Internet Hacks 

Every week I'll be here to reveal and review some of my favorite moments from the internet. Whether it be binging television shows, streaming sports or simply getting lost in a YouTube rabbit hole, I'm here to give you my top picks every Friday, as well as the perfect pairing to get into an optimal headspace for themThis week, we're saying a prayer for the now sure to be deceased North Korean IT Manager and ridiculing Stonetear, the alleged Reddit poster asking advice for removing Hillary's name from emails.

North Korea

Recommended Pairing:
More than enough apples and plenty of delicious fruit for everyone to eat.

Earlier this week I delighted in the initial story of a "hacker" breaching the typically ironclad walls of the North Korean internet. We learned that there are only 28 websites attributed to the .KP domain, and besides the one with recipes, most are just hysterical propaganda.
What an incredibly hilarious mishap, right!?
Well, no.
Not when you consider Kim Yong-Jin — the former vice-premier overseeing education affairs in North Korea — was executed by anti-aircraft guns for falling asleep in a meeting recently. I mean, here's what a gun like that looks like:
Holy shit, right!?
I don't even want to think about what sick demented torture the Supreme Leader has planned for whoever was responsible for this simple mistake or lapse in judgement by the IT Guy.
From what I've read, basically, there are bots that call on DNS servers throughout the day just to check and see if there's ever a time when access is available. 
The TL;DR Project, in this case, pinged Pyongyang and was surprisingly granted access to the treasure trove of poorly designed websites dedicated to glorifying their "President" and vilifying South Korea and the United States.
Just two weeks ago, there was another nuclear warhead test in North Korea raising tensions and renewing fears that we're on the cusp of an attack. For the first time in my life, I'm unable to find anything funny about the situation above the 38th Parallel.
This is a family of dictators fueled by petty retaliation who savagely rule their country by convincing the citizens that their rule is inevitable simply by continuously lying until the truth becomes a distant fantasy.
Speaking of...

The Clinton Campaign

Recommended Pairing:
Some Schnapps and an updated resume.

As a writer, I've participated in dozens of fun Reddit threads about the process of writing, structure and story. I've honestly learned a lot from really smart and helpful internet strangers. And for that, I am very thankful.
The internet truly is a miraculous tool for gaining knowledge and problem solving. The only downside is that when you interact with the internet, you're not as anonymous as you might think, or need to be.
Case in point, "Stonetear":
A couple of years ago, "stonetear," asked a pretty mundane question to an exchange server subreddit about some trouble he was having with an email server he was managing:
Notice the mention of a "VERY VIP" person whose name he was trying to remove from archived emails. Who could that be?
Well, obviously this is all based on assumptions but it's not a huge leap to think that "stonetear" — the guy from the picture at the top of this — is Paul Combetta, one of the computer specialists working with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. 
The resemblance is uncanny. 
When I first noticed this story, it was nothing more than a Twitter user connecting the dots after a simple search through various social media channels. I thought, it could be a coincidence. There's been plenty of times where I went to sign up for something online and found that one of my common usernames was already taken.
The pictures had me willing to believe, but then the Washington Post dug a little deeper and found some pretty substantial connections.
  • The website, "Combetta.com" is registered to stonetear@gmail.com
  • On Etsy, stonetear's profile shows the name Paul Combetta
  • A website for Betrayal at Kondor (a ’90s role-playing game) thanks  Paul Combetta for hosting files and lists stonetear@gmail.com as his email address.

The most damning thing I've seen, however, is this gem they found:

"The timing of two of Stonetear’s Reddit posts coincides with events in the Clinton email saga. One post, dated July 24, 2014, came one day after the House Select Committee on Benghazi and the State Department reached an agreement on producing records. The second, which is dated Dec, 10, 2014, and describes a 60-day email retention policy, came the same month that a longtime Clinton aide requested that their email retention policy be shortened to 60 days."

That's enough for me. I'm like:

Yes. It appears dat dude just did dat. And then, of course, he pleaded the fifth.

In a week where Elizabeth Warren decimated the CEO of Wells Fargo, it's really frustrating to know/accept that Clinton is the only real option.

I mean, can you imagine what we're going to find online about Trump staffers' online habits?

'Til next week.

Adam F, Kokiri and Rae Bring You Sweet "Harmony" 

What do you around sunrise after a night out dancing to the newest garage tunes? You keep on dancing, but slow down the pace a bit. That’s why renowned British drum’n’bass producer Adam F, newcomer producer Kokiri and powerhouse vocalist Rae decided to re-work their collaboration “Harmony” into a vocals-driven acoustic jam, which we’re happy to exclusively premiere for you.

''The song is inspired by the feeling of harmony and unity in the club,” says Rae. “The beauty of this song is that is can be transferred to every genre and mean something to everyone. Acoustic music is intimate and personal and really lets you tell the story, performing live in this way is a real reward. I love giving my songs a unique interpretation and sharing them — this version translates beautifully.”

"After waiting for a few months for the track to be released, i've gotta say the wait was definitely worth it as 'Harmony' is one of my favourite tracks I’ve worked on to date,” adds Kokiri. “The acoustic version of the track is incredible too as it showcases just how talented Rae is.”

"I believe I give you everything you need, that’s where you’re taking me, we need to feel that harmony," Adam F quotes. “Music has the power to evoke feelings, memories, a picture in our mind. We wanted to write about that moment when the music takes you to that feel good place — that harmonious moment between you and the music — with a track that sounds modern and nostalgic at the same time.’’

It’s safe to say their mission is accomplished. Twice, if you take this latest acoustic cut into consideration.  

Hear Eminem Collaborate With Skylar Grey On "Kill For You" 

Eminem has joined pop singer Skylar Grey for "Kill For You," a devious love song inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

"You always ride," raps Eminem. "Whatever the plan is / 'Til the end, even if I led us into an ambush / Even if we robbed the First National and cops caught us redhanded." 

Grey is complicit, crooning "You gon' make me commit murder / Baby, I'd kill for you" on the chorus.

"Since the first day I started writing 'Kill for You,' I thought the Bonnie and Clyde message would be more powerful as a duet," said the singer to Rolling Stone. "I was stoked when Marshall put a verse on it."

"Kill For You" is off Grey's new studio record Natural Causes, which drops today (Sept. 23). 

Listen To Green Day's Inspiring Rocker "Still Breathing" 

Green Day push the volume to 11 on "Still Breathing," the group's stirring new single. The song tackles the difficulty of overcoming obstacles. 

"Cause I'm still breathing on my own," sings Billie Joe Armstrong on the track. "My head's above the rain and roses / Makin' my way away / Cause I'm still breathing."

Armstrong, who has overcome addiction to remain the frontman of the internationally renowned band, knows a thing or two about fighting for your life. 

"That was a very heavy song," explained Armstrong to Rolling Stone. "Sometimes I run away from being too heavy. But sometimes it just comes out that way."


Top 5 Album Releases of the Week  

While there are a lot of new releases to choose from this week, the following five offer up a little something extra that make them our favorites. Shawn Mendes returns with his new album, Illuminate, while How to Dress Well brings the beats on Care. Warpaint blend some smooth grooves on their third album, Heads Up, and NYC duo, Acrylics are back after five years with Dada minor. Finally, The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser and Vampire Weekend's Rotsam have joined forces on I Had a Dream That You Were Mine.

Read more about our top five album releases below. 

'Illuminate' - Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has been capturing young hearts with covers that he'd post on Vine and later became one of the most followed people on the app — when he was only 15. Now at the ripe old age of 18, Shawn is releasing his second LP, Illuminate, and is ready make all the girls (and boys) melt.

A follow-up to his 2015 record, Handwritten, Shawn does what he does best: write honest songs about heartbreak and young love. But unlike his previous work, the Canadian singer-songwriter goes for a more bluesy vibe to the record. Take for instance, "Ruin." After listening to the opening chords, the tune takes you back to John Mayer's Continuum, which coincidentally celebrated it's 10th anniversary last week. He continues the momentum on the guarded tune, "Mercy," and the heartbreaking guitar-led song, "Don't Be Fooled." Between it's doo-wop feel and Shawn's falsettos, we know this will be a fan favorite.

What makes Illuminate worth the listen is the fact that it shows how much Shawn has grown as an artist. Unlike the LP's lead single, "Treat You Better," which sounds like his breakout hit "Stitches," Shawn isn't a one trick pony and has way more up his sleeve than pop beats and catchy hooks.


'I Had a Dream That You Were Mine' - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

When we got wind of the collaborative sessions between Vampire Weekend's Rostam and The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser, we wondered what kind of music these two could come up with together. With such different sonic POVs of the indie rock spectrum, it could have really just turned into a hot mess. However, they decided to abandon the idea of staying within one musical genre and just let the songs speak for themselves. Sure, other musicians have done this in the past. But it's not as distinct as the tracks you hear on I Had a Dream That You Were Mine.

As you move through the track list, you get the doo-wop of "When the Truth Is...," the delicacy of "A 1000 Times" and the harmonica twang of "You Ain't That Young Kid." Although each song has a life of its own, the cohesion comes from the stories they tell, which the duo rooted in New York City. What makes the album even more interesting is hearing how many different nuances there are in Hamilton's voice. I Had a Dream That You Were Mine is like a unicorn in the heaps of album releases this week, as it really shows how musicians can bring diversity to one album and do it well.


'Heads Up' - Warpaint

After taking some time last year to work on their own projects, the ladies of Warpaint are finally back with their follow-up for their self-titled 2014 record. Keeping their ethereal bass-laden indie rock sound, the Los Angeles band surrounds you with its seamless harmonies and head-bopping drum beats.

Like they've done on their older songs, Warpaint's buzzy guitar riffs leave you in dream-like state. But as the title track will show you, there are sonic twists and turns on the record, which are nice surprises. "Whiteout" opens with a mid-tempo thump and chord progression that has a little xx feel, while "Don't Wanna" gets right into the pocket of the beat with the vocals gliding right above. "Today Dear" takes a more stripped down approach with the focus being on acoustic guitar and vocals, but "Above Control" has an eerie feel with spacey effects at the top of the tune followed by the ladies' hauntingly beautiful voices. It looks like the break from the band did the members of Warpaint some good, as the indie rock outfit have produced a solid record.


'Care' - How to Dress Well

What makes a pop record? Tom Krell, better known onstage as How to Dress Well, asked himself that question for years. And after playing in the R&B-esque world for years, he brings the pop side out on his new record, Care.

This time around, he beefed up his production side by teaming up with Jack Antonoff of Bleachers, Dre Skull and Andrew Dawson. Tom really looked into himself and penned songs about growthlove and sex. While he's been open about sexuality on previous records, he seemed to make a point to consciously write about sensuality. And with that consciousness, you hear the themes run wild on "Lost Youth / Lost You" and the album's lead single, "Can't You Tell." Perhaps the most introspective track on the record is "The Ruins," where he recounted the first time he engaged in sex. Like the nervousness and sometimes awkward way we've felt during our first times, you can hear it in the staccato flow of the tune. Tom's journey in to pop musicianship goes into traditional territory with his last two tracks, "Made A Lifetime," and "They'll Take Everything You Have."

Listening to Care does feel like a couple's progression into making love, not just getting down and dirty. Each track is gentle enough to entice you and leave you satisfied by the end.


'DADA minor' - Acrylics

 If you want go deeper into alternative pop territory, give Acrylics a try. After five years, the New York City duo are back with DADA minor. It's a collection of tracks that is so melodically satisfying. "Golden Green" makes you want to hop into your car and just drive while the single, "Keeper Finder," is playful and fun as it delves into the memories of puppy love. Unlike their last album, 2011's Lives and Treasure, there are elements of krautrock woven in that add a sweet touch to songs like "Sunset Peach."

After a crazy week, this is the perfect album to chill out to with a cool beverage in your hand — spiked — if that's your speed, of course.

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