Combichrist at The Roxy 

Combichrist stomped through Denver last night, September 23rd, with a performance at The Roxy Theatre (2549 Welton Street). 

Combichrist is currently supporting artists on the Return to Roots Tour with the Cavalera brothers, Max and Iggor, of the one and only Sepultura in certain cities. Although Denver was not on the roster for that tour, the guys from Combichrist swung into Denver anyway. They will also be playing Knotfest this Sunday, September 25th, in San Bernardino, California! 

The small Denver venue offered Combichrist fans a personal experience last night, with everyone nice and smooshed together, jumping, moshing and dancing and all that good stuff. 

The openers were surprisingly impressive as well. Devil County Line were the first ones up. They had a great hard rock sound that reminded me a lot of Clutch. 

Next up was Manik. I kept waiting for more people to get on the stage, but there were only two guys. One had a guitar, the other, a bass. They were plenty heavy enough, and they did a metal version of “The Safety Dance”, but the drums were programmed. They need a drummer. Many in the crowd agreed, but Manik’s performance was still filled with energy and the crowd was into them.


The last opening band was Public Display of Aggression. This group is clearly no stranger to the local music scene. Self-described as “business metal”, they all played splendidly and were sharply dressed to boot. The drummer, Mikey Klein has been around for quite some time, playing several tours with several bands in the past. 

Combichrist hit the stage and the crowd freaked. They played a number of songs off their most recent album “This is Where Death Begins”, and some old goodies as well, finishing the night off with “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People”. They are a force to be reckoned with while on stage, and each brings with them an impressive list of former bands including Genitorturers, Hanzel und Gretyl, Wednesday 13, Sex Slaves, Mortiis, Icon of Coil and the list goes on. Amongst band members, Joe Letz is an animal of a drummer, and Eric13 shreds shit up on the guitar. Singer Andy LaPlegua was clearly having a great time; lots of smiles, and lots of interaction with the fans. I love when bands love Denver. We are one hell of a crowd.