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28th January 2018e.h @C-Club, Berlin, Germany A good venue and breakfast solves all, but not before one o'clock apparently, so Dougal and I go for a walk towards Checkpoint Charlie (which we got to see last time we were here), but end up skulking around a park with a cool memorial to kill the forty minutes or so before we're finally admitted. To the asylum.This venue has caterers on hand all day, so there's little chance of starvation and the dressing rooms are modern and clean, with excellent hot showers.My friend Thomas was supposed to be visiting today, I say supposed as he has apparently fallen foul of the flu, something I seem to recall him using as an excuse the last time we played here! And last time we played here I seem to remember a rather inhibitive sound on stage, so that's the first thing I get Danny our noise monger to address once we soundcheck.This inspires an amazing show to a packed-out hall later in the evening, but not before an afternoon is spent undertaking all the necessities that being on tour engenders, including some filmed TV interviews for me in full garb and Richard busking for loose change in the corridor.As said, the show is frenetic and awesome, playing to a packed-out audience in a Sunday night in January. There's plenty of press here tonight and the camera pit is pretty full for at least four or five songs. Hence why the three guitarists are pulling shapes like Manowar posing for a workout calendar! The show ends rip-roaringly and we return to the dressing rooms to idle and hang out with Moonspell and friends. Our manager Steve is here today and we're also kept up to speed on developments with the US tour and other Summer dates.It's all very exciting. We have so much planned for the upcoming months it's a little bewildering at times, but it's onwards and upwards always.....Until tomorrow again raises its flag of uncertainty and wonder.29th January 2018e.h @. Grunspan, Hamburg, Germany It always seems to be raining in Hamburg whenever we play and today is no different. The venue is pretty cool though, an old elongated theatre with plenty of dark corners and decent catering. We've played here before (so there's no need to hunt out the WiFi code), in fact the first time for me was with DEVILMENT, where I was a bit worse for wear after a heavy night out on the Reeperbahn, throwing up in Motionless In White's dressing room bin.
Our dressing room is the larger of the two on offer but it also means it's up another flight of stairs and bereft of a toilet. And far from the coffee machine.Still, the rain keeps us indoors for the majority of the day, save for a brief walk to the Reeperbahn to peruse some adult stores, obviously for the novelty factor.Arch Enemy are playing a show literally fifty metres away at a different club, so Richard and Lindsay pop across to visit Alyssa, which is a brief visit as the poor girl is on vocal rest (due to an illness) and unable to talk. Still, nothing some sign language and hand-written notes can't fix. I drop her an email later to wish her well, as I know how horrible it is to be sick on tour and having it affect your voice. In fact, it's pretty soul-destroying, with the one thing you need to perform out of action.Fans (and really, who can blame them?) expect to see you perform at 100% capacity at all times, however that's not always the case if you're on a lengthy tour, or you suddenly contract Ebola. And living such a nomadic existence can be detrimental to your health as well.But I digress. Again.The soundcheck sounds pretty good after some initial tweaking and it's a buy-out dinner, so straight after we've come off stage, it's a trip to catering to build some sandwiches to avoid a trip out in the rain, and laundry distribution. Amid the chaos of getting ready for the show, our manager Steve arrives with an important guest to introduce, plus I get coerced into starting regular personal posts on Instagram, which I start with gay abandon.The show is not sold due to the conflicting Arch Enemy show next door, but regardless the audience is around the 600 mark, so the balcony is closed, but the theatre floor is jam-packed. It's another cracking gig for us, the audience are extremely noisy for a dreary Monday evening in Hamburg and we fire through the entire set with diligence and aplomb. In fact, the crowd are really loud and at times I find it hard even screaming over them.Afterwards there's plenty of time before we have to depart the venue to shower and catch-up with business, drink a few shandies and shoot the shit, pick up our explosion of nearly-dry laundry and listen to Dougal's extensive music library.Then we stay up until around three chatting with Moonspell on the bus before crawling back to our coffins to await what the next day in Bremen will bring.
30th January 2018e.h @Schlachthof, Bremen, Germany Some people are suffering from mild hangovers today. Thankfully it's not me but I'm tired as f**k mentally, so once the demands of nature are catered for and my travelling bomb site detonated, it's a walk in pursuit of a football to buy, so we can have some intercontinental football battles betwixt ourselves and Portugal.The venue look even better from afar as a massive chimney towers over its already towery exterior. My guessing is that it was an old munitions factory or mill at one point and then it was converted as an venue/arts centre. I didn't bother to find out.You can walk a few floors up the interior of the chimney stack at least. The main room is very strange, like playing in a school gymnasium, with lots of tiered levels looking down upon a thin and extremely wide stage. Lots of metal and concrete.The day passes serenely; our bus driver Benny is out on his mountain bike outside the bus where there is a BMX/skate park and to be honest he is pretty f**king good.The rest of the guys are spread out in the shared dressing room, so I opt for the bus to work and relax and try to catch forty winks after soundcheck, which is worryingly shit sounding. My voice is tired, I couldn't even imagine singing today but if Alyssa can do it with a throat infection, I can do it on reserve tanks.The dinner is roast beef, vegetables and potatoes and there is a vanilla and cherry panna cotta which is straight down the hatch, then I'm back through the gathering throng to the waiting Jawa Sandcrawler, to wake myself up, get ready and pull my tired larynx from early retirement.Fuck me though! For all the worry, the gig is a stormer, much helped by the bodies lining the venue, and the sound is precise and malleable and, although it feels like playing a school prom, the audience is responsive and our performance topnotch.We stay in the dressing room until one o'clock after the show, fart-arising about, listening to Thin Lizzy and Coroner and slowly getting drunk. Tomorrow is a day off here, with access to a hotel for showers, Wifi and CNN (the only channel in English).The night finishes late back on the bustard, with an impromptu game of football outside around three in the morning, with a late discussion between Fernando and myself carrying on until around six. Tomorrow will be a vocal rest day, so it's destination 'Black Lightning' and 'The End Of The F**king World' on the Netflix.

Dani Filth’s Tour Blog - Part 2 (1 of 2) 

23rd Jan 2018e.h @ Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland This venue has lost a lot of it's surprise this morning as we've been ruining the toilet and shower for the last twenty four hours, but the club is good despite the back stage being essentially a corridor for changing, catering, eating and living, with a single room adjacent to the stage we've commandeered for the Cradle.The food is really good once again and abundant, but that's the only excuse tying me to the venue with everyone packed into it, so after a hefty bout at the trough, I trundle my stuff back to the upstairs front lounge of the bus, choose a mood-setting cyan glow, stick a soundtrack playlist on and sink into some writing.The time flies by, and when I emerge in time for soundcheck at around half three, the bus has been miraculously tidied back up to perfection. So much so, I end up using the 'bus bathroom/ confessional booth for the Big Brother household' to make up in later, thus avoiding the overstretched bathroom.
Dinner is awesome once again, the corpse paint is applied (by a slight error of judgment I'm ready two hours before we're due for stage and thus find two hours to kill watching Moonspell, nibbling at the catering and annoying people) and then it's time for the slay-ride once again in this compact, sweaty club.
It's a really punk rock gig which starts like a baited dog, hits a slight lull briefly mindset for a brief moment before powering back up again to Mach 10 for the end of the set and encore.There are a surprising amount of stage divers this evening, eighty percent of which are girls. We once again add 'From The Cradle To Enslave' in to close the show and the place follows en suite by going properly nuts with a whirlpool of a mosh pit foaming in the middle. Another great show, the end of which sees another onstage photo and then showers and beers and shower-beers in close confinement backstage. Derrick the band horse makes an appearance, though he is always about, whinnying away in his Stable Of Filth.We return to the bus to the welcome of some seriously cold fans, whom we sign and then, on entering our travelling circus wagon, we swap our day clothes for smoking jackets and velvet slippers and enjoy the fiery warmth of our fellow touring company.
24th Jan 2018e.h @Progresja, Warsaw, Poland A bloody massive venue this with suitably long flights of stairs to reach the backstage area, yet the climb is worth the catering table, the shower and toilets and the substantial backstage room. One of the toilet cubicles just rests against a massive window from which one can be seen squatting, from the outside.Much of my morning is spent attempting to dye my hair and not my face, with sufficient results, as the crew get to building the stage for a relatively early soundcheck (there is a third band on the bill tonight and tomorrow night called Sacrilegium). The rest of the day, if I'm to be honest, is spent bumming about; watching Netflix, writing emails and listening to music. Dinner is Thai stir fry, so the pounds are piling back on this manatee suit I wrap myself in, which then leaves plenty of time to get ready for the show.
It is such a big stage tonight and a few inherent sound issues bug the shit out of me for the first half of the main set, such as a really sharp vocal tone that makes any hard syllables come across like razorblades in my monitors, but the problem is eventually overcome by meandering Matt and his IPad -and the end of set and encore are simply blistering. Sometimes it does feel a little empty on such a big stage, but it just means we have to run about that little bit more. And the 1000 plus crowd seem to love it, so everyone's a winner.
We finish with 'Born In A Burial Gown', thank the crowd and then retreat to our traveling bomb site to muse and booze.Not much more to really say about today other than it has been tranquil (aside from following Ashok on the toilet, which was simply painful) and organised.Bed back onboard the bus is preceded by a stiff drink and a few tour stories courtesy of Moonspell.
25th Jan 2018e.h @B90, Gdansk, Poland Today is Gdansk and the venue, which is the coldest building live I've ever played in bar The Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee in the dead of winter, is right next to a dockyards.It is a huge warehouse with a great empty beast of a live room, lots of interesting corners but all of it freezing bloody cold. Between the Cradle dressing room and catering is a matter of a stairwell and two doors, but it does involve the temperature plummeting to the minuses as one runs the gauntlet.There is also a fresco of classic albums adorning the walls, everything from Led Zeppelin to Dead Kennedys, Kraftwerk, Seal and Slayer.First things first though. A poo, a coffee then a shower. Then food.Then about two hours looking for my hat that I put down for barely a second. Still didn't find it, consigning its disappearance to the tour black hole.The rest of the afternoon is spent exercising (to keep warm), making tea (to keep warm) and hugging the radiator in catering whilst watching 'The End Of F**king Everything' on Netflix and catching up on emails (to keep warm).
Luckily, dinner serves to add a little heat to our bodies and by the time we're back in the dressing room, it seems to have grown tolerable and thus we're able to get prepared for the show to a backdrop of Napalm Death and Morbid Angel without too much discomfort. Other than to our ears.The dockland lights up at night and looks almost inviting from the vantage point of our room.The show begin with us dancing along to our intro music, 'Ave Satani' out of public view. There is a massive audience here tonight and the sound is very sharp, causing me a few earaches along the way, but overall the gig passes phantasmagorically and the audience are brash and lively. And it is such an awesome venue.
The gig seems to have wrung all the cold out of me and it's to another bomb site that we return to elated and craving pizza having dropped in the mandatory 'FTCTE'.It's a day off again tomorrow in the proverbial arse-end of Leipzig, parked outside the club, so I'm expecting nothing less than a day of recuperation, hunting out dinner, walking a considerable distance, watching a film or two, catching up on sleep and other less savoury pastimes.27th January 2018e.h @Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany
There is history at this Hell Raiser club for sure. We last played here with Napalm Death and Krisiun nigh on twenty years ago. Framed posters of shows cover the walls along with images of demons, dragons and heavy metal women, catering is already laid, the showers are communal and for the best part of the day the backstage rooms and corridors are freezing. Once again.Today is almost nocturnal as the club is practically windowless and quite dark, but that does little to dent our mood. Rich has someone from a guitar company pay him a visit at some point, but aside from a little work, keeping an eye on the football results in the Championship and harassing Matt the tour manager, my day is simple and routine. Other than some fresh clothes from the embedded suitcase, a shower and a wander around the deserted buildings outside the club.
Dinner is okay, not brilliant. Martin has to change his drum heads today as well so soundcheck is a bit later than usual, but the crew still take the time to iron out any niggling onstage issues.The show is loud and sweaty, with a full capacity bunch of nutters here in Leipzig, but it actually turns out to be one of the best shows of the tour thus far, from a playing perspective. The crowd , as can be expected, are pretty riotous and a few mosh pits and crowd surfers form to the backbone of 'Dusk.. And Her Embrace' and 'The Promise Of Fever'.The noise levels increase with the encore and once again we're tempted into playing a six song encore. The shows finishes on a insalubrious high and no sooner have the lights come up than we're back in the dressing room celebrating the fact.The pack-up is almost as long as the initial explosion of suitcases and clothes when we arrive at a venue, so it's maybe two hours later that the club finally kicks us out into a moonlit wintry night and to a bus replete with fresh bed linen. No need to even attempt to change the sheets myself, which is fine for me seeing as last time tried it on a bus I practically eviscerated myself.
I decide on an early night as this is day one of a four gig stint, but sometime in the dead of night stomach cramps come on with the constant rocking of the bus and I'm forced to take an emergency poo in the bus toilet utilising a plastic bag. Suddenly I am very wary of the last minute food the venue made for us and the funny tasting ham roll I had to throw away mid-munch. There's further cramps and another hasty emergency toilet visit and I almost fall foul of the best comedy moment ever, as I pelt out of the bus at a truck stop to throw my 'filled' bag into a bin (rather than having it festering somewhere on the bus) and then almost get left behind in nothing but my Stars Wars underpants as the bus starts to pull away.That said I had a somewhat crappy night's sleep.
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Dani Filth’s Tour Blog - Part 1 

Wednesday 17th Jan 2018e.h @ The airport The Cradle Of Filth Cryptoriana World tour, European assault, began with an afternoon flight from Stansted (a mere forty five taxi journey from my house) to European love nest, Prague, in the Czech Republic. Meeting Chris our new merchandising chap at the airport, we proceeded through a relatively relaxed check-in and flight, arriving in a snowy capital with our multitude of luggage thankfully arriving too. The local Ramada was the same hotel the band had stayed in for the last Brutal Assault festival we played, but luckily the receptionist doesn't connect us with the previous visits incident'.A Sumptious schnitzel mit chips and a fine Czech beer later I'm sharing a suite with bassist Daniel Firth, spending the last few hours of the day swapping Christmas holiday stories, bemoaning insignificant problems, listening to grindcore and the wind howl through the practically useless air-con unit. An eight o'clock lobby call begs hitting the hay fairly early. We can only hope that Martin and Ashok, who are driving from their home city of Brno, arrive in reasonable time, as the motorway they're coming by is completely crippled by the weather.
Thursday 18th Jan 2018e.h @ Roxy, Prague, Czech Rep I feel surprisingly active this morning and the arrival of the bus is a welcome sight to behold, like Luke Skywalker witnessing the arrival of a sun-flecked Jawa Sandcrawler. After the initial hug-a-thon that is the meeting up of the band and crew, it is time to explore the bus, as the crew play luggage Tetris with the trailer.Bloody love the bus! We'll have to post a video walk-through over the next few days to show off it's magnificence in full. It has four door-enclosed bunk areas with a forward lounge that changes into a cinema at the press of a button... I kid you not, a screen pops up to cover the front window, whilst the side windows are also blocked by raised shields and further mood lighting is set by a variety of different colours. Yet to test out the subs, mind! This also doubles as a private bedroom with a pull-out bed (I'm planning to barricade myself in here somewhere around mid-tour) and a Seventies roller disco. The aisle also boasts a sun roof making it a lot less claustrophobic than normal buses and the top row of bunks either side possess windows. Sadly mine doth not, just a support bar I keep kicking my bastard shins against. Downstairs has a pretty extensive seating plan with two kitchen areas and a very glammy bathroom replete with heated floor, gilded mirror and an enclosed flat-screen TV displaying nature scenes to subtly relieve the fact that you can't have a poo when you sit down to pee. There's TVs here too and most other mod cons, though I truth all we need is a coffee machine and a fridge for beer.
The venue we're playing today Cradle Of Filth played some twenty years ago on the Gods Of Darkness 2 tour with Gorgoroth (Ghaal's first tour singing for the band), Old Man's Child and Einherjer in tow. It certainly has changed for the better in the following years, with a full refurb across it's various floors and cellars. Indeed our backstage room is in fact another subterranean venue, complete with bar and DJ deck area, with ever-changing floor lights to add to the medieval sex-dungeon vibe.The day kicks off with a sightseeing uber-ride to the St Vitus cathedral to see the stain-glass window by the Godfather of Art Nouveau, Alfons Mucha, before heading back through the cobbled streets and across the famous Charles bridge to Old Town Square, which is fantastically dominated by the Disney-esque Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn and also features the Prague Orloj, a medieval astronomical clock located on the Old Town Hall. Lindsay is enraptured. Plus we also poke our proverbial heads into the sex machine museum and Costas.
The rest of the day is spent back at the venue redistributing our luggage and equipment, getting familiar with the onstage set-up and sound-checking. Of course, this takes us tightly up until doors despite the early load-in and it's not long before were preparing for the show whilst Moonspell hit the stage for their hour-long foray into Lusitanian gothic metal madness.Our show -when it arrives like a some nasty, rabies-infected bat- is frenetic and by Sod's Law it encounters a variety of first-day teething problems, but even so, the freshness of the band and the voracity of the awesome sell-out crowd makes it an incredibly special occasion and it is nigh on an hour and three quarters later that we arrive back at the dressing room; sweaty, elated and more than a little f**ked.
First day finished, we chill out backstage with our European booking agent and our manager, drinking Czech beer and talking business until we're forced to leave, whereupon we retreat to the warm fuzzy belly of the bus and spend night number one getting used to the continuous rocking, snoring and other nefarious night activities that beset our intrepid voyage through oblivion.Friday 19th Jan 2018e.h @ Garage, Ostava, Czech Rep I get up early once again, chasing the nine o'clock venue entry into coffee, breakfast and a brutal shower, which is either freezing cold or flesh-meltingly hot and I narrowly miss being pinioned to the wall and burnt alive. The day is spent is spent catching up on work and idling about the fantastic venue. First thing off the bus I see a kids lay area with a climbing frame that features both a comical crab and an imperial eagle. A hotel is also enclosed within the building, which is a great idea that should be applied more often at home in the UK. Create a purposefully built venue with an attached hotel (preferably with a pirates theme) complete with a restaurant/fast food counters a pub, other forms of entertainment and people will travel. With an adequate enough car park everyone will be free to stay and drink. If it's cooly themed (pirates!) and thoroughly self-contained, the remoter the better!
Inside, a balcony runs flush with the floor and stage, linking the two dressing rooms with a seating area at the rear of the venue and catering. The theme appears to be rock'n'roll, with a pudgy cherubic Elvis Presley and an anaemic Little Richard painted garishly on the walls. There are also lots of photos of bands, old pieces of cars, record players and fifties memorabilia scattered throughout the venue. Even the stools are seated with record discs. Chairs not faeces.I like it and once a lengthy soundcheck for the show is done -with many of the problems being ironed out from the night before- we have enough time to lounge over a three course dinner, with a birthday cake brought out for Chris the merch guy.I will be a blimp on stage tonight.From our lofty vantage point were able to watch the majority of Moonspell's set, which was a belter (loving the tracks from the new album) but the route to catering was beset by VIP ticket holders who evidently paid that little bit extra to just get in the way.The show, when it arrives, is totally off the scale, supported by another sold-out appreciative audience and the sound is spot-on. We play very tight tonight and my really high screams seem to be on point, even as I narrowly miss nosediving off a monitor. 'Bathory Aria, 'The Death Of Love' and 'Dusk... And Her Embrace' all go down emphatically well with the crowd and we take our first onstage band photo at the end of the show, as the fans throw a forest of horns at our backs.
We chill out afterwards backstage and once showered wend our way down to the bar to gabble to friends and fans and partake of the local beer and bottled nail polish remover.Acknowledging the various stragglers haunting the bus outside once we finally drag everything home, I'm too tired to stay up any further, plus the large absinthe shot I had half an hour ago is still burning a hole in my belly. Sleep comes on swift black wings.Saturday 20th Jan 2018e.h @ MMC, Bratislava, Slovokia An eleven o'clock load-in finds us all vacating the bus as it is required to park a few blocks away from the venue here in Bratislava. It is Martin's birthday today. He is thirty seven years old (practically a hag) and his wife and parents are making the journey tonight to see him. Undoubtedly his Mum will bring us more cakes than it's humanly possible to devour, though it's not for want of trying! At first impression the backstage is a communal disaster, but each having settled into our respective corners beneath the glare of bright yellow walls like fat covetous spiders, both bands sharing becomes a colourful, noisy afternoon of doing little than fulfilling the everyday requirements of being on tour, though the showers are shit and pretty much open to all.
Friends come to visit, our European booking agent Nick appears with his scruffy little dog Morgan -who is more than excitable amongst the clamour and clash of catering- and Martin's folks arrive with -yes you've guessed it- a multitude of cakes! I am actually eating one right now as I'm typing and it's actually Tuesday, almost three days on from the moments I'm writing of, and there's still enough left over to sink a battleship! The show eventually arrives after a sumptuous dinner-time banquet; meat borsch, big juicy steaks, fried pork, sea-side chips, vegetables and gravy with a Cradle Of Filth 'Cryptoriana' birthday cake to follow, again I'm feeling like a Michelin blimp by the time Moonspell have delivered the goods to an absolutely packed venue.
Being just by the stage offers a good vantage point to watch their hour long set, and it's a cracking one once again, really firing the audience up for our forthcoming attempt at music.With the lights dimmed and a belly complaining under the weight of food, our infamous 'Ave Satanas' intro music sweeps in and no sooner than the last notes spiral out like fireworks to die, we are blasting through the beginning brace of 'Gilded C**t' and 'Beneath The Howling Stars' to a maniacal audience.The set is relentless and other than a short detour into Ashok speaking to the crowd in Slovakian and leading everybody on a charge of 'Happy Birthday' for Martin, the set flies by.... All hour and forty minutes of it.We take a customary photo in front of the crowd at the end of the encore and then It's back to the chaos of the backstage, with music blaring and people milling through the throng of our black-clothed refugee camp.Eventually the night fizzles out and the bus returns to pick us all up on the street outside, as we lug our gear back into it's more-than-ample bosom. A few drinks (and cakes) happen to finish the day off, with everyone very pleased to see that Martin had a terrific birthday on the road.
Tomorrow, Hungary! Sunday 21st Jan 2018e.h @ A38, Budapest, Hungary
My favourite day thus far! Ever since I spent the best part of week here back in 2002 watching the recording of the choir and orchestral parts to 'Damnation And A Day', our Magnus Opus for Sony, I have loved Budapest, the absolute quintessential European city.That time was spent with the album's engineer, Martin Foul our previous keyboardist and the American scorer, Daniel Presley and it was very hot and more like a holiday than work could ever be.Today is snowbound and our show is on a moored boat on the river Danube that divides the two cities of Buda and Pest. Ingrid Pitt, the narrator of Elizabeth Bathory on our album 'Cruelty And The Beast' and Hammer Horror's glamorous Countess Dracula, once confided in me the tale of her swimming the river to avoid capture by the Nazi's during the Second World War. It was quite literally an escape from the East to West.But I digress...
I'm up early so I can grab a much-needed shower in one of the cabins, which is at the stern of the ship and above a large catering area that more resembles a coffee shop In a boat amidst an exposed engine, banks of dialled pulleys and switches and other nautical paraphernalia. It is certainly a very interesting venue and I can't help but feel a tad inspired by walking the galleys or climbing up and down ladders like Roger the cabin Boy or an able-bodied Seamen Staines.The shower revitalises me and I feel like a new man (I'll have him please...) and so when a walk is suggested by Richard and Dougal, I jump at the chance of climbing through the chill to the top of Gellért Hill, so named after Saint Gerard who was thrown to death from the hill and from where all of Budapest can be seen.
It is quite an amazing view and as we take it all in with a much-needed styrofoam cup of mulled wine, the lofty clouds part and a sallow sun picturesquely bathes strips of the capital in a wintry postcard glow.
The way down is a lot more treacherous that the climb up and we're prone to a few slip-ups as we circumnavigate our passage back, but we return to the venue with plenty of time to have Richard mocked for losing not only his original tour pass, but also it's replacement, which is rightly derogatory and also a bloody millstone to wear. Soundcheck is followed by yet another fantastic buffet of food; chicken, beef medallions, pasta with spinach, potatoes, mushy peas (yes!), Hungarian sausage (easy now Ashok!) rice and various accompanying sundries.
I watch a bit of Moonspell's set to yet another capacity crowd and then it's to the cabin of filth to get corpse-painted up and donned in the skin of the bezerker for tonight's performance dans la Cradle, whilst the lit river rocks right outside the cabin window.
The show is hot, but the best of the tour for me at least, with a really good sound courtesy of the hull. Indeed, tonight all 'Hull' is let loose and we even extend the set to include 'From The Cradle To Enslave' before leaving the stage to tumult and roses. Backstage a party eventually forms once showers are partaken of and there's on-tap beer and a bottle of Slivovitz that Martin's parents provided. An impromptu mosh pit develops during a dose of Sepultura's 'Beneath The Remains' and eventually, despite clinging on valiantly, we are urged from the venue and back across the gantry to where the bus sits like a waiting Sphinx.
Naturally as we have a day off tomorrow, the party continues long into the night as we travel onwards toward Poland and our next show in Kraków and we all appear magically in our bunks despite not knowing how we got there.And we shall finish those damned cakes!A note to the wise... I'm already developing a smidgeon of cabin fever, and the cure for this I have learnt over the many tours taken in the name of Heavy Metal, is to go for a nice long walk on your own as I did on the day-off, which is in the customary position of being parked up in the arse-end of nowhere next to the club and many many blocks of flats.The day passes disjointedly and is a much-needed break I must confess, but unless we're out sightseeing or exploring the locality then these dead days bore the living shit out of me and I'm glad when I eventually steal off to sleep in eager anticipation of the (live) events to follow.

Cradle of Filth in South America! 

Cradle of Filth 'Cryptoriana World Tour 2018' rolls into South America! MARCHTuesday 20th: Teatro La Cupula, Santiago, Chile.Tickets: HEREThursday 22nd: Teatro Vorterix, Buenos Aires, Argentina.Tickets: HERE
Saturday 24th: Carioca Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil.Tickets: HERE