Amy Hutcheson


   Amy Hutcheson is a conceptual photographer specializing in Fine Art, Portraits, Live Music, Event Photography and more.

With over 25 years behind the lens Amy Hutcheson is a versatile and creative artist with an eye for unique portraits and art.  

25+ years behind the lens


Fundamentals in Multimedia Technology


Digital Imaging


Associate of General Studies



Specialized training and courses:

Fine Art Photography:

Self-Portraits Filled with Symbolism

A course by Lídia Vives

Dark Conceptual Portraits 

A course by Eduardo Gómez (Alter Imago)

History of Rock and Pop

Photojournalism III 

Business for Creatives

Ceramics III 

Wax chasing and spruing for Lost Wax Casting



Resident Rock Star Photography / Photographer  



Resident Rock Star Magazine / Creative Director / Principle Photographer



Metal Maidens Magazine / Creative Director / Principle Photographer

2014 – Current



Judas Priest, Cover and feature article photographer / RRS Magazine / Spring 2018 Issue #16

Old Town Zombie Fest, cover and feature article photographer / Scene Magazine / October 2017

One Eyed Doll, cover and feature article photographer, writer / RRS Magazine / Spring 2015 Issue #08

Sirens of Strings, cover and feature article photographer / Scene Magazine / May 2013

Arcanium Advertisement Photographer / Revolver, Golden Gods Edition / June 2013

Battle Gaming: The New American Sport / December 2010



Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Awards and Recognition

Resident Rock Star Photography Receives 2020 Best of Loveland Award