Dead Earth Politics

Dead Earth Politics at GWAR BQ 

Dead Earth Politics graced the Slutman Pavilion with their presence during GWAR BQ this year. We chatted with them at the press pavilion to talk to them about their music and other misadventures...
Resident Rock Star: Tell me about your music. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before?
Dead Earth Politics: Iron Maiden trading blows with Lamb of God, with some Megadeth spice and some progressive guitars.
RRS: So no Back Street Boys?
DEP: Well maybe just a little bit. You can’t really be taken seriously in the industry without the appropriate amount of Back Street Boys influence. Plus I mean we were just working on our synchronized dance routine. And our hair looks really good when it is wet.
RRS: So do you have any albums out?
DEP: We have four albums out two we are touring on right now. “Queen of Steel” And “Men Become Gods” and another album due out in 2016. You can get all the Eps and albums at our merchandise booth or online at
RRS: So what are you most excited about here at GWAR BQ today?
DEP: Oh just GWAR BQ! Yeah I mean...
RRS: Any favorite bands playing here today? There are a bunch of old school and new school bands playing.
DEP: We are missing Child Bite right now! Those guys are awesome! So thanks for that, dammit! But I think the people watching are what I enjoy most. It’s a good diversity of different souls walking around. It’s like a Kiss convention but with cheaper drugs!
RRS: Where are you guys from?
DEP: Austin Texas.
RRS: Who is your biggest musical influence? Who do you look up to the most?
DEP: Cher! Um, that is tough for me. I think we take our influences from all over the place but there is a lot of Iron Maiden in what we do and well, I think that just the business model that they represent is just amazing- I mean, they fly to their shows in their own jet. Who does that? No one does that but Iron Maiden! Bruce Dickenson is a pilot and a business man and has a PhD... I mean just an amazing band.
RRS: Yeah Michael Bishop of GWAR has a doctorate too doesn’t he?
DEP: Yeah I watched the Ted Talk was phenomenal. It was very interesting!
RRS: So tell me the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on a tour so far?
DEP: Well, you are going to have to watch the road to GWAR BQ videos that we have put up. There are a couple of interesting things that happened to us. So you will have to watch that because just this tour alone we had Jell-O wrestling and deaf lesbians... I mean it is always a circus.
RRS: Best advice you could give someone starting out?
DEP: Don’t play drums, do cocaine. It’s a cheaper habit. I mean, really there is a whole pile of advice you could give to aspiring musicians but the biggest one is don’t do it for the money! Do it because you love it.
RRS: Well thank you guys! To find out more about Dead Earth Politics check out their website


Forged from the soul of the Austin metal scene, Dead Earth Politics is a blade that cuts like no other. Having been compared to the likes of Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, Pantera and other legends, this band strikes at many cores.In 2006 they released their freshman E.P., "Mark the Resistance". The album quickly gained notoriety and in 2010 they followed up with the LP "The Weight of Posiedon" which received acclaim from reviewers and the praise of fans. In 2013 Dead Earth Politics was honored with the Austin Chronicle's "Best Metal Band of 2012" award.With passion coursing through their veins and dedication in their hearts, Dead Earth Politics strives for perfection in their craft. Aiming now to complete their new album that is yet-to-be-titled they have a grand challenge in front of them. This does not sway them in form, for there are many years on the horizon and they aim to do only what they know: to make great art!