Deicide: Step Inside the Practice Space of the Legendary Death Metal Band. 

Photos and Article by David Sgalambro 

Where the heat is as hot, as the Hell they claim to be from, Florida’s Deicide are still the reining kings of the Death Metal scene. With almost thirty years of blood, sweat and grime under their claws, the underground Legends continue to ride their demonic wave of success right into 2016 as they announce a new tour titled ‘In The Name of Satan’. They will be out trekking across the west coast of the United States once again performing their fan favorite metal classics, along with promoting their latest best-selling album ‘In the Minds of Evil’.

The unholiest of bands spawned its immortal form in capital of the world) back in 1987 by vocalist / bassist Glen Benton and drummer Steve Asheim. These two original members continue to conjure up the darkest and most blasphemous lyrics to the absolute best blast beats around. Along with the help from their axe wielding henchmen, Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse, Adrift & current band member since 2004) and Kevin Quirion (Order of Ennead, Shadow Society & permanent band member since 2011), the band has been able to maintain their furious speed throughout the years, satisfying their harshest and most brutal fans to date. 

Since their debut album in 1990, has released eleven studio albums with their first two albums Deicide and Legion respectively ranking second and third in the best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era. With two live DVD’s ‘When London Burns’ and ‘Doomsday L.A.’ added to their malevolent resume, the Florida fiends have immorally and visually captured the souls of many fans around the world.

Since their demonic birth, the band has kept their controversial anti-Christian reputation growing steadily with the creations of such song titles as “Homage to Satan”, Kill the Christian” and “Scars of the Crucifix”, among many others. The bands front man Glen Benton, is still determined to get his infamous evil messages across loud and clear to every God worshiping fanatic across the globe “Death to Jesus.” Still banned in several countries, such as Valparaiso Chili over a promotional poster of Jesus with a bullet hole in his head, to having their videos pulled from UK music TV, the band continues to march confidently in the name of Satan despite all the haters and all the religious groups they find battling against them.

Deicide will embark on a west coast tour starting late April through mid-May with support from their co-evil friends Season of Suffering (from Oregon), who are out promoting their latest album ‘Evolve to Extinction’. The nefarious acts will be stopping in some of the towns and cities less frequented this time around, so check online listings for dates, local times and the closest locations. The In the Name of Satan tour will bring their Satanic Salvation in the midst of Colorado, Utah and Montana, besides their usual stops in California. So get down off your crosses and go see Florida’s Death Metal Legends - Deicide, as they bring their form of maniacal mayhem back to your Godforsaken area. Hails!!! 


Twenty years ago, an underground cult movement surfaced in Tampa, Florida that revolutionized the metal world. The pioneers of this burgeoning scene, DEICIDE, are still striking fear into hearts of the masses to this day. Century Media Records are extremely proud to announce a worldwide deal with DEICIDE, one of the founding fathers of death metal and easily one of the most influential and controversial bands ever. With a relentlessly brutal sound and uncompromisingly blasphemous lyrics, DEICIDE helped set the standards for extreme metal and have maintained those standards ever since. 

DEICIDE led by original members Glen Benton (vocals, bass) and Steve Asheim (drums) have been busy at Audiohammer Studios with Mark Lewis (Black Dahlia, Chimaira) and are looking at a summer '09 release. The group have reunited with legendary guitarists Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (Obituary, ex-Iced Earth, Death) and will embark on a two-week European tour in January 2009. 

Benton states: “I want to say it is an honor to be an official CM artist. I look forward to working with the fine folks at CM and providing them with our style of metal. I can ensure you that what surfaces will definitely be nothing less than a total bash-your-face-in-from-start-to-finish, bastard. HAIL SATAN!!!!” 

Asheim further comments: “I'm happy to be a part of the CM family and look forward to working with them. The new DEICIDE material in the works should be a good way to kick off the new deal. It’s a totally sick new record with a totally sick new label, but the same ol’ sick DEICIDE. See you all in 2009 and hold onto your balls!” 

DEICIDE released their groundbreaking self-titled debut in 1990. Recorded at Tampa's Morrisound Studio (the legendary studio where the band would go on to record all its albums), the vicious debut would soon be hailed as one of the "Top 100 Metal Albums of the 90's" by England's metal authority, Terrorizer Magazine. In 1992, DEICIDE followed up their debut with “Legion”, which was an instant success, further establishing their furious musical intensity and vengeful anti-Christian stance. This landmark extreme metal release secured their place at the forefront of the American death metal scene as they rapidly earned a reputation for controversy. 

DEICIDE’s appearance and live antics matched the extremity of their music and lyrics. With an inverted cross branded into his forehead, Benton cast himself as the incarnation of pure evil. At shows, he was known to pull such stunts as dousing the crowds with bags full of real animal organs. DEICIDE quickly found themselves banned from clubs, boycotted by magazines, and blacklisted by Christian groups and animal-rights activists. Anti-establishment to the core, DEICIDE embodied the worst fears of the conservative masses, and loved it. Rather than shy away from controversy, DEICIDE provoked it and willingly engaged in it. 

DEICIDE stormed ahead into the future, releasing numerous albums engulfed by waves of controversy, as their popularity continued to ferment within the scene. However, it was the 2006 release “The Stench of Redemption” that put the band back on the map as the leaders of the genre. This was their first album to showcase the more melodic leads of guitarists Owen and Santolla which only added to their riotous and enigmatic success. DEICIDE looks forward to taking things to the next level in 2009, promising to deliver the album of their already heralded career.