By Thomas Alan Sandage

    Hailing from the Loveland/Fort Collins area, DinoSorcerer is a three-piece band with a specific agenda: to have fun. Over the past year, the group has played all across Colorado’s northern Front Range and are having a great time doing it. “Music’s gotten too serious,” says bassist and vocalist Kyle Meis. “You’ve got to have fun with it.” 
With influences ranging from Pantera to Black Sabbath to Metallica and general aspirations to one day become pirates in space, DinoSorcerer has a sound reminiscent of stoner-rock groups like Mastodon or Sinister, blending heavy grooves with powerful shreds. Their unique sound is crafted by allowing each member of the band to have creative influence over the songs. “We build the music as a band,” says drummer Chris Gumz. “Everyone brings in ideas and we work on them together.” Doing so allows them to grow and learn from each other, so they are constantly making themselves better musicians. 
In the spirit of the adage Everything Old is New Again, DinoSorcerer looks to the past to redefine the future. “Everything has gotten so plastic,” says Meis. “I love listening to vinyl; I think VHS and cassettes are more fun, those are the soil, the dirt. Everything now is manufactured.” 

Guitarist and back-up vocalist Anthony Izulleena agrees: “People want to listen to real music again, not just something that came out of a laptop.” 

Further, Meis says, “Teenagers are getting sick of pop... they hear stories about the music their older brothers, sisters and parents listened to, like Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson... and then today, this is what they’re given, and they’ve got to feel just empty inside.” 

“They’ve got to know it’s a manufacturing process,” Izulleena says. “And it’s like that in everything- sports, video games, movies... and no more CGI in horror!” (this led to a lengthy discussion of retro video games and horror movies, concluding with everyone agreeing that “The Thing” still has some of the best practical effects ever made). 

In addition to making new tee shirts and stickers which are available now, DinoSorcerer plans on recording in the near future. Taking advantage of the technology that allows for today’s bands to do-it-themselves, they will be recording and producing their own tracks. Beginning spring of 2015, they hope to begin releasing a series of small EPs, each containing two or three original songs, a cover song and individual artwork. 

As long as they continue to have fun, DinoSorcerer will consider themselves to be successful. What would be their message to the world? “To have fun, be yourself, and never give up on your dreams,” Meis says. “If we make a million dollars and get rich, fine. But if we don’t make a dime, who gives a fuck? We’re doing what we love.” 

Gumz chimes in: “But I like the first idea better.” 

Keep an eye out for DinoSorcerer, soon to be playing a show near you!

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