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"You're Welcome!" Kickstarter is launched! 

Crazies...the moment has arrived. The new E6 Kickstarter project has now gone LIVE at https://www.kickstarter.com/…/e6absolutetre…/youre-welcome-0
"Live" is a good word for it as well, for that is half of "You're Welcome," our latest and greatest Kickstarter endeavor. One half of "You're Welcome" is a LIVE record, but this one is being recorded in the UK, at Oxford Academy on April 22. For the first time, UK (and European) fans have an easy opportunity to be part of an E6 live recording. You can get your tickets for that show at http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/DEH2204Z
The second disc is a sequel of sorts to our "Mimicry" set from a couple of years ago, as it'll be comprised of covers some selected by the band and some by you, the Crazies. We know the deep Crazies love Electric Six turning stylist and thus the idea for this collection was born. It's guaranteed to be a blast. For both this and the live recording, we have the same production team which worked on "Mimicry," "Absolute Pleasure" and "Absolute Treasure" with us, so it's all going to be immense.
We've also got a new feature this time around as a $20 add on to any package (or free if you're pledging at the $500 level or beyond)...the E6 Subscription Club. In short, you get early previews of the next record via demos, a remix of a song from that record, and a totally unique song not on that next album, plus older material from the vaults, photos and who knows what else. Check the Kickstarter page for more details.
We've got the usual list of exciting reward packages, plus some brand new ones as well, for you to check out. So hit the link above to get close to us one more time!

Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres out on Metropolis Records on October 7! 

The time has come...Electric Six is proud to announce its new studio album, to be released on October 7 by Metropolis Records. The album is entitled "Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres." The track listing is as follows:
1. Acid Reducer
2. Number of The Beast
3. Mood Is Improving
4. I'll Be In Touch
5. Lottery Reptiles
6. Dance WIth Dark Forces
7. Skin Caboose
8. My Dreams
9. Greener Pastures
10. I Got The Box
11. Lee Did This To Me
12. The Lover's Pie
13. Space Walkin'
It'll be awhile, so hold your horses, but at some point in September we'll put up a couple of sample tracks, so stay tuned for that.

"Bitch, Don't Let Me Die!" out on October 2 via Metropolis Records 

Electric Six is ecstatic to let everybody know that it's new album, "Bitch, Don't Let Me Die!" will hit the streets on October 2 via Metropolis Records. "Bitch" contains all the things you've come to love about Electric Six...the style, the glamour, the panache, the plain ol' horsesense...but with a few new tricks for you as well. Don't you dare miss this record, and make sure to come see Electric Six as we hit the road in the Eastern, Southern and Midwestern US as well as Russia, France, Holland, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada over the rest of 2015.

Dick Valentine Announces Solo Acoustic Tour of UK/Ireland in support of new solo album "Here Come The Bags!" 

BROOKLYN, March 31 -- In less than a month's time, if you are in the UK or Ireland, you will have many opportunities to catch Dick Valentine playing in a solo acoustic style in an intimate venue. Come here Valentine play stripped down versions of Electric Six songs as well as original songs from his three solo albums. The brand new release "Here Come The Bags!" will be available for purchase as CD or cassette directly from Valentine, before, during and after the show. Come on down and spend the night with Dick Valentine! You'll never remember, maybe forget!!!!
Here is a list of dates and venues where you can find Dick Valentine:
April 22 DUNDALK Spirit Store
April 23 PORTRUSH Atlantic Bar
April 24 BELFAST Katy's Bar (Free show!)
April 25 TULLAMORE Wolftrap
April 26 NEWBRIDGE Judge Roy Beans
April 27 GALWAY Monroe's Live
April 30 STOCKPORT Blue Cat
May 1 YORK The Fulford
May 2 HULL Fruit
May 4 READING Global Cafe
May 5 LONDON Surya
May 6 SOUTHEND-ON-SEA Chinnery's
May 7 BRIGHTON Prince Albert
May 8 WINCHESTER Railway
May 9 CARDIFF Moon Club (w/ Massive Horse)

"Human Zoo" out on October 14th! 

Electric Six is thrilled to announce that its 10th studio album "Human Zoo" is out on October 14th in the US and Europe on Metropolis Records. We'll soon be previewing some tracks from the album on the band's Facebook page, so stay tuned for that!

"Mimicry And Memories" Kickstarter project announced by E6 

We're thrilled to announce the beginning of the "Mimicry And Memories" Kickstarter. This project has at its core a 2 disc set. Disc one, the "Mimicry" disc is a set of covers, some chosen by the band and some by pledgers. The second disc, "Memories," is an outtakes and rarities disc, something of a successor to "Sexy Trash."  Hit the link below to go to the project and join in the excitement!


"Absolute Treasure" live concert film now available for download 

If you were unable to participate or unaware of our Kickstarter campaign last year around the live DVD "Absolute Treasure," fear not...you now have options to own this soon to be legendary performance from St. Andrew's Hall in E6's hometown of Detroit on September 7, 2013. We will have Blu Ray and DVDs for sale at the merch table at all North American Electric Six shows, but for those of you unable to attend or unwilling to wait, there is another option...a modern option...the digital download.

You can purchase a file of the concert film digitally  RIGHT HERE NOW for the low, low price of $10. We're horse trading, pardner...we're practically GIVING this Absolute Treasure away. Take advantage of us now, before we come to our senses.

Dick Valentine Solo Shows in September 

Dick Valentine is pleased to announce his next two American solo acoustic shows:

Sept. 2 in Kalamazoo, MI at Louie's Trophy House and Grill. He's never played in Kalamazoo before so this is an honor. This is a fucking honor.

Sept. 3 in Chicago, IL at the Double Door in Chicago, IL. Apparently the venue has turned the basement into a smaller venue for just such an acoustic event. And Scott Lucas from Local H will be on the bill that night performing an acoustic set as well. Should be a stone groove. 

Two more opportunities to buy his latest solo acoustic CD "Halloween Fingers" directly from him.



Mortality. It’s the primary reason we don’t live forever. If not for our mortality, the number of years each of us would have to roam this earth would be as infinite as the sands of time running through the earth itself. When extraterrestrials eventually make first contact with us within the next twenty years, the first glaringly obvious thing they will notice…is that we die. They will come to our planet with sinister intentions and they will immediately have the upper hand because we die…and they don’t. It’s a simple as that. And it’s all because of our mortality. 

While aliens (and the government!!!!!) will always be there to kill us, we have for generations used our cold dead hands to clutch onto whatever silver lining we could sew into the dark cloud of our everlasting mortality. Specifically, we tell ourselves that we can live forever, not in corporeal form, but through our creations of art…and our expressions of love. 

Thusly, art and love are more important than ever, because they are now the conduits that preserve our life forces. If you don’t create art and you don’t love nobody…well then, you will be forgotten, rather quickly. No one wants to be forgotten rather quickly. No one more so…than Electric Six. 

Electric Six understands all this stuff as it prepares to unveil its eleventh studio album Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!, which will be released on October 6 on Metropolis Records. The album is steeped in themes of mortality, death, discorporation and discoloration…all while it tries to convince you it is actually a work of art, a labour of love. 

From the pounding, driving opener, “Drone Strikes”, through the 1970s guitar anthem “Two Dollar Two”, Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die! reveals that Electric Six knows that it is going to die, but will not go out quietly. From there, the album moves through the pop goodness of “Kids Are Evil” and “A Variation of Elaine”, the prog-rock showmanship of “Slow Motion Man”, and even a tribute to Elvis Presley in his more rotund years with “Dime Dime Penny Dime”. 

“Big Red Arthur” is the anchor track of the album, as it emits a rock-opera bombast that is reminiscent of Radiohead sodomizing David Bowie in the center of his mind. It, like most of the songs on this record, is about death…but it’s kind of funny because it’s only about the death of a fake, out-of-shape drunk Santa Claus who is too fucking stupid to make it down the chimney correctly. In this case, we just end up laughing at death. And that’s uplifting. 

To summarize, mortality is everywhere, and this fall, thanks to their new record Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!, Electric Six will be everywhere too. Everybody gonna die someday, but with Electric Six’s new album, you no longer have to worry about any of it. Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die is Electric Six’s brand new record for 2015 and it is available on Metropolis Records on Oct. 2. You can come see Electric Six play in your town on the I Wanna Lick The Screen tour, starting in their home state of Michigan on Sept. 25. 

Electric Six is: 

Dick Valentine - Vocals 
Da Ve - Guitar 
Johnny Na$hinal - Guitar 
Smorgasbord - Bass 
Tait Nucleus? - Keyboard 
Percussion World - Drums


January 19, 2016 at 2:30 PM 

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Eric Powell 
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(845) 764-7206 

UK & Worldwide 
Jack Notman - EC1 Music 
011 44 20 7490 8990 


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