Fear Factory

"Fear Factory" Review//Summit Music Hall//Denver, CO 5/19/12 

Enter Fear Factory. These long-time masters of music are metal icons in the eyes of the their adoring fans. With passionate lyrics and intense sound behind it, Fear Factory is one of the biggest names in the business, and without hard work, brains, talent and dedication this could never be possible. I could write page after page about how mesmerized the entire crowd was at the show, how the band is obviously experienced and captivating. I could tell you how every song is a masterpiece with meaning behind it and that they were perfectly executed with skill and fervor. I could tell you all about the new album and the depth of emotion and thought put into it. But I'd rather let Burton C Bell of Fear Factory tell you himself. Watch Resident Rock Star's interview with Fear Factory's frontman and get the low down about the new album, see who answers fans, and find out what a laid-back, fun and still very professional Burton C Bell is like off the stage.
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Keep your horns up high,
-Nikki Battlescar

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Burton C. Bell//Vocals
Dino Cazares//Guitars
Matt DeVries//Bass

Current Location
Los Angeles, California

Record Label
General Manager
Scott Koenig
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