Abysmal Womb: A Descent into Darkness Album Review by Ashley Parrish

Abysmal Womb: A Descent into Darkness

In the shadowed corridors of the black metal scene, a new echo resonates—based out of the unexpected musical epicenter of Cheyenne, Wyoming— enters Abysmal Womb, a band who’s latest three-song demo not only pays tribute to the controversial genre of black metal but does so with an audacity that's as refreshing as finding an unburned church in Norway circa 1993.

The demo, mixed and mastered by Alex Carillo at NATU Productions, reimagines black metal traditions. After several listens, it's evident that Abysmal Womb transcends the typical imagery of corpse paint and spiked gauntlets. Positioned at the edge of genre conventions, they gaze into the void with a sly grin, merging distorted guitars, atmospheric layers, blast beats, and innovative song structures, all while being surprisingly—accessible. 

In a genre as traditionally polarizing as black metal, their demo strikes a compelling balance between the raw intensity one might expect, and an undeniably catchy edge that broadens its appeal.


  1. White Phosphorus kicks off with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face—From the initial distorted note, this track commands attention with its rapid aggression. The drummer’s skill shines though as he delivers an assault that is impossible not to bang your head to. The unique vocal tone adds an extra layer of rawness and intensity, while sound clips, and gritty guitar tones contribute to the eerie atmosphere.
  2. Perverting the Eucharist continues the onslaught, the drums continue their unyielding pace, synchronized with precision guitar work.  The distinct vocal style once again acts as an additional instrument, adding depth and texture to the overall sound. 
  3. Black Mass Grave, in my view, stands out the most. It grabs you immediately with its captivating guitar riff and heavy bass undertones. The inclusion of more sound clips adds to the atmosphere, with lyrics like, “I was born to murder the world.” The track then escalates into chaos, thrusting you into an abyss of maddening darkness and a relentless barrage of blast beats. It is quite fantastic. 

Abysmal Womb's music, ready for your eardrums on their Bandcamp page (abysmalwomb.bandcamp.com), showcases a distinctive approach to black metal. they remain true to the genre's themes, visual aesthetic (including leather, spikes, and masks), and aversion to mainstream culture. They capture the essence of black metal—cold, dark, and controversial—while infusing their music with distinctive originality.

In a genre born from the extremes of darkness and intensity, Abysmal Womb carves out a unique place with their latest work. Their original and infectious sound, while staying loyal to the foundational elements of black metal, in my opinion, makes them a band worthy of attention. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the genre or simply drawn to the darker aspects of life and music, Abysmal Womb's demo offers a raw and compelling descent into the abyss of creative chaos.


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