WESTON SUPER MAIM: Lambgoat Premieres Hallucinogenic “See You Tomorrow Baby” Video; Debut LP By...

Lambgoat is hosting the exclusive premiere of a hallucinogenic new video for “See You Tomorrow Baby,” the title track to the new debut LP by UK/US technical/avant metal duo WESTON SUPER MAIM.

Emerging in the mid-2000s as a solo project from UK multi-instrumentalist Tom Stevens (All Of Space, Brown Stratos), WESTON SUPER MAIM fully sparked to life in 2020 when US-based vocalist Seth Detrick of Los Angeles thrash outfit PDP joined. Picking up where acclaimed 2021 EP 180-Degree Murder left off, See You Tomorrow Baby sees the band in full command of its singular brain-destroying sound. Drawing inspiration from the abstracted time signatures of Meshuggah, the groove and dissonance of Will Haven, and the god-tier riffs of Crowbar – not to mention the boundary-pushing musicianship of bands like Car Bomb and Humanity’s Last Breath – WESTON SUPER MAIM’s See You Tomorrow Baby is an expansive work of cutting-edge extremity.

With vocal recording handled by Seth Detrick and Tom Stevens, See You Tomorrow Baby was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stevens, with additional recording/guest spots by Stace Fifield and Stuart Henley-Minchington (Blindfolded and Led To The Woods) who provide vocals to “Autistic Kill Trance,” Chad Kapper (Frontierer) who adds vocals to “Perfect Meadows In Every Direction,” and Ian Waye (Soreption) who provides an intense guitar solo to “The Bare Maximum.” Binding it all together again is the work of UK collage artist JoyPolloi, whose asteroid-esque creation ties the front and back covers together, invoking interplay between ideas of hope and hopelessness – representing the final piece of the WESTON SUPER MAIM jigsaw.

With the new video for the album’s title track, Stevens reveals, “We wanted to start the record with a bang, and this track does that. It smashes you in the face for a couple of minutes, then suddenly throws a curveball with this very melodic, almost electronic-sounding passage. Opening with a Pig Destroyer reference made perfect sense, not only because Prowler In The Yard is such a seminal album for us, but because the sentiment – ‘No, no, no. This is beautiful. This is art’ – is what we honestly feel about this music.”

Lambgoat writes, “Not only is this track the album opener, but the eponymous one for the LP leading listeners into their realm like a bloodied welcome mat. It’s succinct for progressive, avant metal, but manages to say a lot within its short time. You’ll hear the unbridled weight as well as the cloud-breaking atmosphere that makes the whole project stand out. The video itself is a great testament to the shifting of moods too with the duo playing their instruments in stark black and white, then opening up to a halcyon colorway that accentuates the serenity of the track’s latter half.”

Visit Lambgoat where WESTON SUPER MAIM’s “See You Tomorrow Baby” video will rip your face off RIGHT HERE.

See You Tomorrow Baby is not now on CD and LP – with Bleach and Pink Splatter vinyl variants –through Bandcamp HERE and digitally everywhere HERE. Also watch the prior videos for “Perfect Meadows In Every Direction” HERE and “Autistic Kill Trance” HERE.

Watch for much more from WESTON SUPER MAIM to be announced in the months ahead.

“Think techy weirdness but even weirder.” – Decibel Magazine

“Get ready to have your eardrums pummeled and your mind warped into a kaleidoscope of sonic brutality… See You Tomorrow Baby is a sonic odyssey that draws inspiration from across the extreme music spectrum…” – Metal Injection

“See You Tomorrow Baby as a title is pretty salient as it feels like it’s from the future. Musically, it holds tremendous power with little regard for anything else – just two dudes fucking shit up at Mach 9 in a painfully precise manner. WESTON SUPER MAIM are admirable in their goals as well as their raw skill and if this doesn’t make people take notice, I legitimately don’t know what will.” Lambgoat

“This album has been on repeat for weeks, because it is both tormenting and insanely fun… With just enough melody and breathing room to give further emphasis to the beatdown at its core, its more-than-reasonable forty-minute runtime ensures that, although never overstaying its welcome, you’ll get your fair share of punishment. Don’t you worry about that.” – Angry Metal Guy

“…this newest release from WESTON SUPER MAIM does what it set out to do: pummel. There’s no doubt that the band went into this wanting to maintain that heft and have its listeners come out with their hair disheveled, their clothes tattered and torn, and their ears ringing from the virtually non-stop assault on their senses. And you know what? They did it.” – Metal Epidemic

“This is an absolute whirlwind of a record which really is cool and absolutely crazy. It has huge riffs and absolutely crushing vocals and it really has a great strong progression throughout its run length. The best part is that the more you listen and the more you pay attention you keep hearing new parts deeper within the records foundation…” – The Razor’s Edge


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