Necrot: Lifeless Birth LP Review

By: Ashley Parrish Otteman

I recently discovered the band Necrot, and let me tell you, it was like tapping into a vein of pure, molten metal magic. I had the chance to catch them live alongside Ghoul and Municipal Waste—an experience that's forever etched in my mind as pure excellence. In my review of that unforgettable night (which you can find HERE), I dubbed the trio as the dark horse of the night. A lot of bands kill it live, but then you kind of forget about them after the show ends. Necrot isn't one of those bands. They dug their claws deep into my brain, something about them just kept gnawing at me.

Having been on the scene since 2011, Necrot has honed their ability to fill the room with a sound that’s both massive and meticulously crafted. They channel the raw spirit of '90s death metal legends like Morbid Angel and Death, yet they stamp their own brand of ferocity on every track. Their music is packed with brutality, intricate riffs, and impressive vocals. The passion these guys—Luca Indrio (bass/vocals), Chad Gailey (drums), and Sonny Reinhardt (guitar)—pour into their craft is palpable. 

Fast-forward to now, and my excitement hit the roof when I got the opportunity to preview their latest masterpiece, Lifeless Birth, before its slated release on April 12th. Crafted by Grammy-winning producer Greg Wilkinson and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this album is a testament to Necrot's musicianship and creativity.

From the very first chord, Lifeless Birth grabs you, pulling you deep into a world of ferocious vocals and razor-sharp guitar work that cuts through with precision and passion. Each track crafts an atmosphere drenched in compelling rhythms, underpinned by bass lines that add depth to their signature sound, electrifying solos, and drums that rage with untamed intensity. "Drill the Skull," my personal favorite from the album, hits you with its deep, resonating vocals and a vibe that’s deliciously dark and doomy while being downright catchy. Yeah, I said catchy. It's been on repeat—literally playing in the background as I write this.

And it's not just a couple of tracks; the entire album is a ride through thrashy, textured heaviness that never once feels stale or repetitive. Even the 8-minute closer, The Curse, keeps you engaged and banging your head the entire time. 

Lifeless Birth is a solid album and an excellent continuation and contribution to their catalog.  My advice? Obviously, check out the album when it is released on April 12th, but don't just listen to it—experience it. If you ever get the chance to see Necrot live, take it. Their live performance is one you won't soon forget. Lucky for you they just announced a North American tour.  Read about it and get a list of their upcoming shows HERE.

See you in the circle pit!


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