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Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, long-running Italian psychedelic doom/sludge metal trio UFOMAMMUT prepares to release their monolithic tenth album Hidden, this Friday on Neurot Recordings and Supernatural Cat Records. Today, BrooklynVegan is hosting an exclusive stream of Hidden, paired with a track-by-track breakdown of the album.

Hidden marks a shift in UFOMAMMUT‘s musical composition, aiming for a more intense and heavy sound, as they have displayed over the prior two releases. The title, Hidden, reflects the concept of the presence of everything in our existence and the ability to bring to light what lies within us. Here, the band delves into a sonic journey that traverses vast expanses of space and time. From the crushing heaviness to the hauntingly melodies, from the textured compositions to the otherworldly atmospheres, Hidden is a testament to the never-ending evolution of UFOMAMMUT and their mastery of creating immersive sonic experiences: a fitting celebration of their two-and-a-half decades of sonic exploration and experimentation.

Like any good psychedelic trip, the music of UFOMAMMUT has always been inextricably intertwined with visual art, and as always, the artwork, videos, and all visuals/graphics for Hidden were created by Malleus Rock Art Lab, the rock/music graphic design collective of which Poia and Urlo are part of with their third partner Lu.

Hidden was recorded at Flat Scenario Studio in Piemonte, Italy, with Lorenzo Stecconi handling the mixing and mastering, and Luca Grossi overseeing vocal tracking.

The band breaks down Hidden, describing each track on the album alongside the early album stream, which is delivered through a series of Malleus-animated visualizers.

BrooklynVegan writes, “Italy’s UFOMAMMUT have been mixing doom and psychedelia for 25 years straight, and their time-tested formula is in tasty form on their new album Hidden. At this point, they’re up there with Sleep and Electric Wizard as far as trad-doom consistency goes, and they’re just as necessary for psych fans as they are for metalheads.”

Watch/stream UFOMAMMUT’s entire Hidden LP early now at BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Hidden will be released on CD, LP, and digital platforms this Friday, May 17th, in North America through Neurosis’ Neurot Recordings, the vinyl pressed on a Silver Nugget variant in a gatefold jacket. In Europe, the band’s Supernatural Cat Records will release a standard version on 180-gram Marbled Purple And Black variant, and a limited version of 500 copies on 180-gram Crystal Clear variant crafted by hand using photosensitive colors that are activated by sunlight, bringing the concept of the album to life, with multiple bundles and options.

North American preorders/presaves can be found at Neurot Recordings HERE and EU preorders at Supernatural Cat HERE.

UFOMAMMUT has begun touring in support of Hidden, with a long list of tour dates across Europe and the UK through all of May and into June underway, and with much more being plotted. Keep up to date with the current 25 Years Anniversary Tour at the band’s website HERE and stand by for updates.

Rising from the ashes of their prior band Judy Corda, UFOMAMMUT formed in the late 1990s by Poia (guitars, effects) and Urlo (bass, vocals, effects, synths), together with Vita (drums). With Levre taking over on drums in 2021, the band has undergone a rebirth, culminating in the release of the 2022-released Fenice LP, and on Halloween 2023, the Crookhead EP.

Over the course of two-and-a-half decades, UFOMAMMUT has developed a unique sound that combines heavy, dynamic riff worship with a deep understanding of psychedelic tradition in music, which has resulted in a cosmic, futuristic, and technicolor sound that fully immerses listeners. They’ve produced a wide spectrum of albums, EPs, live albums, a box set, compilation tracks, and covers – including a track on the Superunknown Redux Soundgarden tribute album.

“…a creative unit focused on manifesting mind-altering soundscapes that transcend sound itself.” – Cvlt Nation

“A distant light pulses in the video as the song begins conjuring strange and psychotic visions, but then the band find their groove, though the timbre of the distorted riffing still sounds like a monster snarling. The vocals, of course, go very high, up into layrnx-straining elevations, adding to the song’s other hallucinatory aspects, in tandem with the gut-churning riffage, the neck-cracking beats, and the eerily whistling radiations. Scary stuff but viscerally potent.” – No Clean Singing

“…the trio are readying themselves to delve further into their expansive and mind-altering sonics with their new album Hidden.” – The Sleeping Shaman

UFOMAMMUT continue to open their world both musically and psychedelically on Hidden, yet another gem from a band that continues to push their talents and the contents of their mind.” – Meat Mead Metal

“Arriving upon another milestone of endurance and parsing decades of development in the midst of a personal rebirth Hidden is equal parts stabilized surety of self and exploration of what potential lies beneath the surface of their collective entity at present. In this sense these six pieces, presented in two equal bouts of intensifying waves, create the sensation of self-revelation as illumination wherein the confidence of exposition is placed behind exploratory venture as they build each bout of momentum into an approachable yet surrealistic listening experience.” – Mystification Zine


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