HELLBUTCHER: “Inferno’s Rage” Video Now Playing; Self-Titled Debut Out Now On Metal Blade Records!

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Watch/stream HELLBUTCHER’s “Inferno’s Rage” HERE.

HELLBUTCHER is pleased to unleash their fiery new video for “Inferno’s Rage.” The track comes by way of the band’s self-titled debut, released last Friday via Metal Blade Records.

As the frontman of legendary Swedish maniacs Nifelheim, Hellbutcher stands among the most elite figures of the black metal underground, and with his eponymous new band, HELLBUTCHER, his frenzied mission continues conjuring sounds of pure blasphemy and absolute musical Armageddon.

Teaming up with old compadres in evil, guitarists Necrophiliac and Iron Beast, bassist Eld, and drummer Devastator (ex-Nifelheim), HELLBUTCHER quickly set about bringing their new vision to life. Recording in various locations around Sweden, such as Devastator’s own Red And Black Hall Drum Studio and Iron Beast’s Chrome Studios, and producing and mastering everything themselves – “No need for an outside producer since we knew exactly how our band should sound” – it is a record that stands proud and unambiguous as a work or pure, metallic mayhem.

From the album’s opener, the crazed “The Sword Of Wrath,” HELLBUTCHER’s intent is loud and clear: Channeling the spirit of Venom, Bathory, Iron Maiden, Exciter, Motörhead, Mercyful Fate, and the aggressive spirit of true heavy metal. It’s an explosion of diabolic evil, performed relentlessly by true masters of the form.

Notes Hellbutcher on “Inferno’s Rage,” “This one holds a special place because, unlike other songs, I wasn’t part of the music-writing process; I solely penned the lyrics. Guitarist Necrophiliac took charge of crafting this song. I’ve known him since the early ’90s, and his musical style aligns closely with mine. This track stands as proof that he understands the very essence of HELLBUTCHER! ‘Inferno’s Rage’ is an unrelenting onslaught of speed, coupled with touches of heavy metal in certain parts. It also shows the insane drumming of Devastator who is acknowledged as one of the best drummers in the metal scene!“

Watch HELLBUTCHER’s “Inferno’s Rage” video, comprised of apocalyptic live footage, at THIS LOCATION

Watch the band’s previously released video for “The Sword Of Wrath” HERE.

With an enviable musical pedigree and a killer album to their name, HELLBUTCHER is certain to scorch a mark onto the black metal scene. “I believe this band has the potential to surpass Nifelheim; we’ve accomplished more in a year than I did in the last decade with Nifelheim,” Hellbutcher states. “The key difference lies in the fact that this band shares a common goal. I am now filled with tremendous inspiration, and I plan to create new songs, records, and gigs at a completely different pace than before.”

Insisting in so many words that posers should die, and promising that their live shows “will be a neck-breaking experience,” the underground is about to be hit with an outbreak of evil unlike anything it has seen for a long time. Time to turn the cross upside down: HELLBUTCHER is here, and they mean evil business.

Hellbutcher is available digitally and in the following physical formats and special editions:

Jewel Case (EU + US)
“Metal” Vinyl (EU + US)
180g Black Vinyl (EU)
Special Edition (EU – CD, DVD, Patch)
Special Edition (EU – LP, DVD, Patch) Orange Yellow Marbled Vinyl
Ash Grey Smoke Vinyl (EU – Ltd. 300, Sound Pollution excl.)
Blood-Stained Ice Splatter Vinyl (EU – Ltd. 300 – SOLD OUT)
Red “Black Dust” Vinyl (EU – Ltd. 200, Sweden Rock Mag excl.- SOLD OUT)

Find orders at metalblade.com/hellbutcher.

“[Hellbutcher is] back fronting a band that shares his name and continues the fast ‘n’ nasty sound he pioneered nearly 35 years ago… [the] no-compromise attitude and a palpable sense of urgency give Hellbutcher, the album, an immediate and intoxicating energy.” – Decibel Magazine

“The production of the record seems a little smoother and more contemporary than Nifelheim’s earlier work, but the escalating high-speed inferno and the all-pervading ‘Evil Spirit’ remain. Hellbutcher is metal through and through!” – Rock Hard Germany

“Hellbutcher is pure metal, hammered by the steel of the gods. It’s hard to recall a debut record without a bad song on it, and this is it, this is that album. Hellbutcher is literally perfect in every sense of the word. Patch it on your vest, this is a must buy and best record of the year so far…” – New Noise Magazine

“…HELLBUTCHER storms the realm of black/thrash metal with a strong and direct debut effort, one that takes no prisoners and absolutely pulls no punches. A fresh yet classic approach, delivered by passionate musicians who have spent years perfecting their craft, each track is explosive and rampant, leaving no moment to catch your breath.” – Sonic Perspectives

“Energetic, bold, and merciless; the eponymous album goes right for the jugular and shows no sign of letting go with its rabid teeth. The tightness of the band and utterly monstrous delivery should speak for itself as some of the strongest black metal of the year thus far” – Fistful Of Metal UK

“Even if the whole look of the album is meant to come across as evil and nasty, Hellbutcher is simply fun. If you are familiar with Nifelheim’s work, you will immediately find yourself here. If you haven’t heard the quasi-predecessor band, but like Venom and Motörhead, you should give HELLBUTCHER a chance. A fun black metal ride!” – Fuze Germany

“The album hits right away on the first run-through…. The guitar work in particular is surprisingly melodic and delivers catchy hooks and leads by the minute. Just listen to the great two-part arrangements in ‘Death’s Rider’ or ‘Hordes Of The Horned God.’ This is also the significant advantage over other ‘worshipping records: ‘ HELLBUTCHER naturally makes use of the past, which they rightly revere, but it’s just not limited to ancestor worship.” – Deaf Forever

“An unwieldy debut album of mighty black-thrashing heavy metal supremacy. All of the evil, malice, and grimness of underground history is here in abundance while the band proudly march ever onwards with their own identity. Majestic unholy slaughtering at its finest from a band who rekindle what the genre should always have been.” – Nattskog

“If there’s one thing to be said about HELLBUTCHER’s intent, it’s that this is metal. Not just black metal, but at least two decades worth of tradition combined into one release. Fans of the Swedish style will notice clear bows to the past, but yet an opening of the curtains to a future stage.” – Deaf Sparrow

“Hellbutcher is a raucous, reverent, and riotous ride through the realms of metal, a beacon for what the future of the genre can, and arguably should, sound like.” – Lots Of Musik

“A thunderous, testicle-crushing display of old-school, proper black/thrash metal, HELLBUTCHER wears its influences proudly on its battle jacket; Studded wristband raised proudly to the sky in defiance of posers as it rattles through a neck-snappin, eight-track homage to the horned one, Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Mercyful Fate. Shredding guitar solos, hellish vocals, and a raw production only emphasize HELLBUTCHER’s promise that ‘Hellbutcher is music for real headbangers!’” – V13

“This record is 33 minutes of all killer and zero filler. There are zero boring parts and the more you listen to it, the more you find a new layer, a tone, a new lick or a new lyric to obsess over.” – Banger TV

“…if you like Nifelheim, or just black thrash for that matter then this is a must listen. It really feels like an all encompassing love letter to ‘trve’ metal…” – Ave Noctum

“If Gustavsson wanted a strong start to his post-Nifelheim career, he needed to make a statement. He needed to ensure his bandmates delivered the goods. And he needed songs that would turn the heads of a new generation of metalheads, those wearing Hellripper t-shirts and Midnight patches. It would be no mean feat, even for a guy with his pedigree. But with this beast of an album, he’s done it.” – Rush On Rock

Hellbutcher – vocals
Necrophiliac – guitars
Devastator – drums
Eld – bass
Iron Beast – guitars


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