TRIBUNAL: Vancouver Orchestral Doom Act Begins Eastern North American Spring Tour With Mares Of...

photos by Sav Bagshaw

Vancouver-based gothic/orchestral doom collective TRIBUNAL begins their run of late Spring tour dates with Mares Of Thrace today in Hamilton, Ontario. The Weight Of Exile Tour 2024 will run through June 15th, winding its way from Eastern Canada into the US Midwest and across the East Coast. See all confirmed dates below.

TRIBUNAL – The Weight Of Exile Tour 2024 w/ Mares Of Thrace:
5/31/2024 Mills Hardware – Hamilton, ON
6/01/2024 Prepare The Ground – Toronto, ON
6/02/2024 Turbo Haus – Montreal, QC
6/04/2024 West Side Bowl – Cleveland, OH
6/05/2024 Outer Limits – Detroit, MI
6/06/2024 Black Circle – Indianapolis, IN
6/07/2024 Live Wire Lounge – Chicago, IL
6/08/2024 X-Ray Arcade – Milwaukee, WI
6/09/2024 Northside Tavern – Cincinnati, OH
6/10/2024 Rumba Café – Columbus, OH
6/11/2024 Shred Shed – Pittsburgh, PA
6/12/2024 Philamocha – Philadelphia, PA
6/13/2024 Pie Shop – Washington, DC
6/14/2024 Café Nola – Fredrick, MD
6/15/2024 Gold Sounds – Brooklyn, NY

TRIBUNAL will be touring in support of their acclaimed debut LP, The Weight Of Remembrance, released in June of 2023 on 20 Buck Spin. Featuring classically trained cellist/bassist/vocalist Soren Mourne and guitarist/vocalist Etienne Flinn, TRIBUNAL’s brick-heavy classic doom riffage borders on death metal heaviness, like My Dying Bride filtered through a colossal stained-glass edifice. The sound is instantly familiar with nods to the ‘80s and ‘90s but never sounds retro or like mere homage. Rather, The Weight Of Remembrance evokes the feeling of a painstakingly composed orchestral movement fit for a crumbling cathedral overgrown with moss. The duo frequently trades off vocals alternating between haunted wailing cleans, scathing black-metal style shrieks and dread-filled death calls.

The Weight Of Remembrance features additional contributions from several other talented musicians, including drums by Julia Geaman, additional drums on “Apathy’s Keep” by Magdalena Wienski, piano on “Remembrance” by Claine Lamb, and additional vocals by Rory Say. The album was recorded by TRIBUNAL except for the primary drums which were recorded by Andrew Conroy at Fifth Chord Studios and Wienski’s drums which were recorded by Violetta Macri at CJSF, after which the songs were mixed and mastered by Markov Soroka. The beautifully painted cover artwork was created by Soren Mourne, with lettering and frame by Karmazid, photography by Liam Kanigan, and layout by Dan Fried completing the presentation. Steeped in the black velvet finery of gothic doom metal, the band weaves dark tales of ultimate judgement, never-ending rain, and forsaken despair.

TRIBUNAL’s The Weight Of Remembrance is available on LP, CD, MC, and digital platforms everywhere including the 20 Buck Spin webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. Also watch the video for “Without Answer” HERE.

“…a record of exquisite gloom well worth the wait… From the opening funeral bells, The Weight Of Remembrance invoked the colossal ruins and dark rivers of ‘90s doom like My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost. The songs are huge and hypnotic; patient instead of plodding.” – Decibel Magazine

TRIBUNAL plays gothic doom for gothic doom fans, but this is one example of a band taking the recognized tenets of a subgenre and doing it well enough for it to stand on its own merits. Sure, the sonic hues at play here easily blend into the tapestry painted by My Dying Bride, Anathema, and Paradise Lost, but this isn’t a mere repetition. This album’s musicality elevates its faithfulness to the genre.” – Metal Injection

“The brutal death metal essence rises to the surface, as the death growls echo through the vast spaces. The black metal shrieks add a sinister touch, and the clean vocals are simply towering… The Weight Of Remembrance is a rich record, drawing upon the great strengths of pioneers of the scene.” – PopMatters

TRIBUNAL preaches the mix of traditional doom metal with elements of death-doom, but Soren’s vocals and cello let both the band and the label use the “gothic doom” tag to describe this material.” – No Clean Singing

“With diverse arrangements, strong songwriting, and evocative imagery, The Weight Of Remembrance is a stunning debut. Existentially heavy yet strangely euphoric, TRIBUNAL’s inaugural full-length is a must-have for misery junkies and those that thrive in the dark.” – Bandcamp Daily

“The Weight Of Remembrance is one of the best doom albums you’ll hear this year. Debuts this mature and successful don’t come around often and TRIBUNAL just planted a big flag on the doom map. The verdict: Get your ears on this thing ASAP or face ridicule and scorn. 4/5″ – Angry Metal Guy

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