MANIC ABRAXAS: Maine-Based Avant Doom/Punk Trio To Release Dystopian Fourth Album, Skinformation,...

photos by Michael Hallahan

From the wooded northern realms of Bangor, Maine, three-piece powerhouse MANIC ABRAXAS has completed their fourth album, Skinformation, now set for release in August.

Uniting drummer Tom Bennett, bassist/vocalist/synth player Justin Hamm, and guitarist/vocalist/synth player Dallas Seger), MANIC ABRAXAS unleashes a maelstrom of sound that defies boundaries and pushes the limits of auditory sanity.

MANIC ABRAXAS returns with their follow-up to Foreign Winds, the future-forward Skinformation – a dystopian sonic manifesto that delves into the dark underbelly of a bleak cyberpunk hive world. In this unforgiving landscape, data-huffers, faceless assassins, and techno-sexual freaks roam free, where information is the ultimate currency. Biomesh-enhanced collectors wipe their victims clean with a mere touch, but what happens when one becomes sentient and questions its purpose and the cost of this Skinformation?

Unhinged, unapologetic, and unrelenting, MANIC ABRAXAS is a band that will leave you breathless and begging for more. With each performance, they summon a whirlwind of sound that will consume you whole. Join the maelstrom and experience the unbridled fury of Manic Abraxas as they unleash Skinformation upon the world.

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by the legendary Steve Austin of Today Is The Day at his Austin Enterprise, MANIC ABRAXASSkinformation features a guest appearance from William Maybeline (Qual, Lebanon Hanover) and mind-altering art by Gage Lindsten.

With the announcement of the album, the band delivers their eponymous song as the first preview of the album. Bassist Justin Hamm reports, “The opening track ‘Manic Abraxas’ is the band at their most pummeling, roaring out of the gates in a cloud of acrid technologic smoke. This is the credo of the skinformants, augmented assassins high on corrupted data reaping information and life with lethal efficiency.”

Stream MANIC ABRAXAS’ lead Skinformation preview track “Manic Abraxas” now at THIS LOCATION.

Skinformation will be independently released on CD and digital platforms on August 2nd. Find preorders at Bandcamp HERE.

Skinformation Track Listing:
1. Manic Abraxas
2. TranscendX
3. Nanodust
4. Winter’s Mute
5. Skinformation
6. Cyber Satyr
7. Dark Builder
8. Neurogenic Magician

MANIC ABRAXAS formed in 2012 and unites three friends who met at local shows and collectively can’t get enough Celtic Frost, early High On Fire, and Unearthly Trance. Their hybrid of punk and metal fuses unpredictable yet catchy riffing with underground hooks and an energetic and aggressive sound that will make you either pump your fists or nod your head to the deep grooves.

Through three prior albums – 2015’s Manic Abraxas, 2020’s Speed Golem, and 2022’s Foreign Winds – preceding the upcoming Skinformation full-length, MANIC ABRAXAS has employed heavy D.I.Y. promotion and regional performances supporting the likes of The Obsessed, Today Is The Day, Pilgrim, Heavy Temple, Shabti, Zud, Hessian, and more, earning them a solid fanbase, and earning the title of “Maine’s Best Metal Band” by Bangor Daily News.

Additionally, MANIC ABRAXAS’ Dallas Seger is a renowned luthier who owns and operates his own Seger Guitars, a dedicated shop specializing in custom handmade electric guitars inspired by vintage golden age electrics using traditional techniques. These guitars are the pinnacle of tone and feel. In addition to MANIC ABRAXAS exclusively playing Seger Guitars, some of the artists who are known to regularly play these axes include Matt Pike (High On Fire, Sleep), Dallas Green (Alexisonfire), Tim Sult (Clutch, Lionize), Tim Lehi (Draugar, ex-Twilight), and others. See more at the official website HERE.

Dallas Seger – vocals, guitar, synth
Justin Hamm – vocals, bass, synth
Thomas Bennett – drums

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