HATCHEND: Swedish Thrash/Hardcore Crew With Members Of Deranged, Birdflesh, And More To Drop...

photos by Abdul Alhazred

Selfmadegod Records presents Summer Of ‘69, the debut recordings from ferocious Swedish thrash metal/ hardcore quartet HATCHEND, now confirmed for release this August. Alongside the record’s cover art, track, listing, and preorders, a riotous video for the track “Scapegoat” has been unveiled.

HATCHEND is an unrelenting act containing members of well-known extreme underground death metal and grindcore acts such as Deranged, Razorrape, Birdflesh and Deathening. With no gimmicks, no makeup, no bullshit, and no corny stage show act, HATCHEND’s straightforward and in-your-face output is custom made for the shackled masses. Living by the slogan, “If it’s too fast, you’re too damn slow,” they are a band who might destroy themselves but they’ll never sell-out.

HATCHEND’s Summer Of ‘69 was recorded in two days at HoboRec, with the vocals recorded at Wheelmust Studios by Elis Edin Markskog, the record then mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg. The record was completed with cover artwork and layout by Rikard Wermén and Elis Edin Markskog and photography by Abdul Alhazred, and the opening song “Shackled Humanity” features a guest solo by Leon De Muerte (Phobia, Murder Construct, ex-Intronaut).

The album’s lead single, “Scapegoat,” is delivered through a video by Elis Edin Markskog/Wheelmust Production. HATCHEND drummer Rikard Wermén reveals, “It´s about time to show the world what we´ve been up to. Here it is, ‘Scapegoat,’ the debut single from our debut album Summer Of ‘69. It’s a wild, straightforward thrash metal trip packed with ferocious hardcore anger and custom made for a world in turmoil. Basically, an excellent example of what we´re all about. I know it´s cliché, but honestly, I can’t wait to see you all breaking your bones in the pit listening to this song.”

Watch HATCHEND’s “Scapegoat” video at YouTube HERE and stream the track at Bandcamp HERE.

Summer Of ‘69 will be released on CD and digitally on August 23rd. Preorders are live at the Selfmadegod Records webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Summer Of ‘69 Track Listing:
1. Shackled Humanity
2. Who’s The Foe Today?
3. Bloodthirsty Degenerate
4. Scapegoat
5. A Fierce Scalpel Menace
6. Feed This Emptiness
7. Fascist By Design
8. First Blood

Watch for additional videos and previews of Summer Of ´69 to post over the weeks ahead.

HATCHEND will make their live debut at Malmö Massacre August 23rd-25th, with additional live updates expected to be announced shortly.

Rikard Wermén – drums
Elis Edin Markskog – guitar
Kalle Nimhagen – vocals
Dan Bengtsson – bass


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