DECREPISY: Portland Death Metal Troupe Featuring Current/Former Members Of Thanamagus, Vastum,...

Photo by Jon Reider

Portland, Oregon death metal collective DECREPISY, featuring current and former members Of Thanamagus, Vastum, Acephalix, Ascended Dead, and more, has reissued their coffin crumbling Emetic Communion debut on Carbonized Records.

Forged in 2020, DECREPISY rips forth with a style of regressive, gut-churning death metal only the likes of Kyle House (Vastum, Acephalix) could manifest. Together with Jonathan Quintana (Thanamagus, Ritual Necromancy) on guitars, Tim Lower (Hellgrazer, Grave Dust) on bass, and Charles Koryn (Ascended Dead, Funebrarum) on drums, DECREPISY dispels a sound that is at once savage and unique. Disgorged from unimaginable trauma of pain and loss, DECREPISY’s heavy, brick-walled sound of death captures the burdened grief of stillborn souls straight from ancient ossuaries and fetid human tombs. Inspired by early Grave, Convulse, and Incantation, their Emetic Communion debut is drenched in dark, brooding solos that open up veins and riffs that purify through rot.

At the time of its initial release, Decibel Magazine championed, “one of the heaviest slabs of old ways-influenced death metal to be dragged up from the bowels of the earth.” Angry Metal Guy crowned the record, “a noxious, toxic superfund site with feet firmly planted in the cesspool, intended to appeal to that niche demographic who hunt Tomb Mold like truffles,” adding, “There are some brilliant moments here and a lot of potential in what they’re doing. I certainly enjoyed my time with the album, warts, boils, and all. This may not be a long album, but it sure is thick and filthy.” Added Wonderbox Metal, “DECREPISY knows how to write… cavernous underground death metal and the compositions that Emetic Communion consists of make for satisfyingly horrific songs… This is a monstrous album.”

Emetic Communion was recorded at Toadhouse by Charles Koryn, reamped, mixed and masterted at Earhammer Studio by Greg Wilkinson, and features artwork by Kyle House.

Emetic Communion is available now on limited edition vinyl (Blood Red and Silver w/ Black Splatter). Find US orders at the Carbonized webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

Emetic Communion Track Listing:

  1. Dissipating Form
  2. Emetic Communion
  3. Embodied Decomposition
  4. Abattoir Of Sorrow (Flesh Crucifix)

Kyle House – guitar, death grunts
Jonny Quintana – guitar
Tim Lower – bass
Charlie Koryn – drums

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