Interview with the Metal Maidens Killer Kay

Metal Maidens: What inspired you to become a Metal Maiden?

Killer Kay: My older sister 🖤She was a Metal Maiden first and I grew up watching her model and learning from her.


MM: Who are your biggest influences in metal music?

KK: For Progressive Metal it would be Deftones.

For NU Metal it would be Rob zombie and SOAD. 

For Death metal It would be Black Dahlia Murder. 

For Metal Core it would be of Mice and Men. 


MM: How did you choose your Metal Maiden name?

KK: Because my eyes are Killer, that model face serves looks that kill. And Killer Kay was born🔪


MM: What has been the most challenging aspect of being a Metal Maiden?

KK: The most challenging aspect has been staying involved and up to date in the scene and with the maidens since moving states. 


MM: What has been your most memorable performance?

KK: My most memorable performances I’ve seen was White Chaple and then SOAD down at the Sick New World Tour 🌎


MM: How important is the modeling aspect of Metal Maidens to you?

KK: I find it extremely important because it helps blur the line of how the general public perceives the juxtaposition between beauty and metal🖤


MM: What do you hope your images communicate to your audience?

KK: That you can still have an extreme style or taste in music and be authentically beautiful. 


MM: What is your creative process like?

KK: I’m very collaborative with the photographer and like to base my looks of the construct of the photoshoot and the environment it’s in. I definitely enjoy creating show stopping looks and usually bring multiple different styles along with me, so I can definitely be a little chaotic and ambitious.


MM: How do you get ready for a shoot? 

KK: When I do my make up I do a full face, also know as photo ready. I usually will do my eye makeup with nude tones and warm tones, this is so that goes with anything I wear and my surroundings. If I do I vibrant look it will correlate with my outfits or in contrast to the environment so that it really pops and catches the cameras lens. For hair I either do a slick look or something voluminous and dramatic. I also do all my own hair and makeup for every shoot. Then I wear something easy to get in and out of for outfit changes. And pack up all my stuff and head to the set.


MM: Do you use your modeling to express your emotions?

KK: Yes I do. I’m very creative and express myself and my emotions through works of art and modeling is most definitely a creative outlet🖤

MM: What advice would you give to someone interested in joining the Metal Maidens?


KK: To be yourself through and through with no remorse. Be different and embrace the fuck out of it. Be your own definition of beauty, because standards are meant to be raised. 


MM: How do you interact with your fans?

KK: Mostly through social media but also through social networking such as evens held and hosted by The Metal Maidens. As well as areas of social mingling for the alternative crowds like Black Sky Brewery, Concerts, Festivals and Ect… 


MM: Who has been your favorite band since you joined the group?

KK: My favorites have been Deftones and Of Mice and Men for as long I can remember. 


MM: What has been your most unique experience with the Metal Maidens?

KK: Being at the Black Monarch Hotel in Victor Colorado with The Enigma. Plus the event hosted at Black Sky Brewery in Denver Colorado. But the individual artist shoots with the owner Amy, have definitely been the most fun and erotic doing paint pouring shoots🎨 


MM: What has been the biggest surprise to you so far?


KK: How tight the family of Metal Maidens really are. The support provided is just astonishing🖤

MM: What do you think sets you apart from other Metal Maidens?


KK: Everyone is a little different and brings their own little something to the table. A melting pot of alternative bad bitches. I am one of the youngest, so I bring in a new age style of hard core and elegance. 

MM: What is your ultimate goal as a member of the Metal Maidens?


KK: To support the scene and have a creative outlet where I’m actually a part of something. Music is so important to me and so many other individuals so what’s better than being a part of something that supports what you love and has the ability to move people and embrace people. 

MM: How do you incorporate feedback and criticism into your modeling?


KK: The only thing I really incorporate into my modeling is positive constructive criticism. Things that will actually be beneficial to what the audience receives and my ability to incorporate things that are more appealing and stay connected. It’s important not to listen to negative feedback with things that are incorporated with art, this is because everyone perceives art differently. 

MM: Have you ever experienced discrimination or prejudice as a female in the metal scene or even just in everyday life? How have you overcome it?


KK: I have, in both the metal scene and in life. How I’ve managed to overcome it has just been by believing in myself and not in what everyone else thinks of me or of what I am. Who’s to say I’m not hard core enough? No one knows my trials and tribulations that I’ve endured through life, or even of most of my accomplishments. Perception is everything I chose to perceive me for what I am instead of how I’m viewed. I know I’m bad ass and don’t feel the need to prove that to anyone.


MM: What role do you think metal music plays in society today?

KK: I think its role in society is two things, that are so different yet similar. I think metal music has created an outlet for a lot of people as well as a community of really misunderstood individuals perceived through the eye of the general population. The most important thing I think should be recognized about metal is it really makes some people feel safe and understood. 



MM: What has been your biggest achievement thus far?

KK: Last year I won third place in the Calendar contest. Losing to first place by only two votes. I am the youngest Metal Maiden and that was the first year I really tried in the competition so coming that close to first was a really be accomplishment for me! 


MM: How do you stay motivated to continue creating and moving forward?

KK: Being involved in the scene and interacting with the community as well as discussing new ideas and visions with the photographer. 


MM: How do you see your modeling evolving in the future?

KK: I hope to eventually find enough individuals with the same views and passion towards modeling and help open a chapter of Metal Maidens out In Arizona. The ultimate goal is to spread the love🖤


MM: Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

KK: If I could collaborate with anyone and be a part of a photoshoot with a band or like collaborate on something like a cover photo, I would absolutely love the chance to collaborate with Rob Zombie. He a creative master mind🖤🔪


MM: How do you balance being a Metal Maiden with other aspects of your life?

KK: It’s not necessarily a balance, it’s just a part of my everyday life. Going to concerts, creative collaborations, it’s all just a part of who I am as a person.


MM: Have you ever had a creative block? How did you overcome it?

KK: I go through creative blocks off and on all the time. Honestly most of the time I just take a break and give myself some time to breathe and the creative flow usually comes back naturally. 


MM: What has been your most challenging experience in the group?

KK: Honestly being in the group with my sister. And this is not a negative input at all but when I first started, I felt like I really hard some standards to live up to. As I got older and time progressed, I came to the conclusion that I was different and had something different to bring to the group. And ever since then I’ve been a lot more comfortable and confident.


MM: What do you do to prepare for a photo shoot?

KK: I usually prepare a couple days in advance after I’ve finalized all the details with the photographer. I pull out anything and everything the would correlate with construct of the photoshoot. I try things on and build outfits that way, so I can visualize exactly what it will look like. Then I usually pick between five to ten of my favorite outfits and pack them up together. Day off I do my make-up and pack everything up to go to the shoot. 


MM: What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years with your modeling career?

KK: I have no long-term goals, this is a creative outlet for me and I am happiest in the moment.


MM: If you could change one thing about your modeling, what would it be?

KK: To model more often.

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