MEDIA: Phoenix Psychedelic/Alternative Metal Trio Surprise-Releases Third Installment Of Concept...

photos by Brett Cline

Phoenix, Arizona based psychedelic/alternative rock trio MEDIA today surprise-releases a new EP, Output, marking the third and final installment in their trilogy of joined concept titles.

MEDIA was founded by Billy Tegethoff (The Oxford Coma) and Richard Wnuk who performed this first piece of the triptych, with Tegethoff handling guitar, bass, and vocals, Wnuk playing drums, and both contributing various synthesizers and electronics throughout the release. Wnuk had a very clear picture of how he wanted the record to sound, so he wore the producer hat throughout a very meticulous mixing process. Following the recording of Influence, the duo welcomed bassist CJ Sholtis (Goya) to the lineup.

The concept trilogy began with the 2022 release of their debut EP, Influence, which Revolver called, “wiggy prog-metal compositions that fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, or any other Maynard James Keenan-associated project should sink their claws into immediately.” MetalSucks wrote how the song “Kimono,” “could very easily be mistaken for a Tool B-side. It’s meditative and groovy while still being able to blow the doors open with some slow and heavy riffage.”

Part two of the series came as the 2023-released “Synapse” single, and now, MEDIA transmits the final piece of the trilogy with Output. A continuation of the story being told by Influence and “Synapse,” the Output EP delivers four new songs that see the band continuing to expand the boundaries of their sound. Another varied, earworm-infested display of sonic experimentation, the new songs are laden with hooks – some subtle and some quite the opposite – layers of pounding rhythms infused with otherworldly tonal shifts and infusions of sonic depth.

As with the first two installments, Output was recorded and mixed by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion, mastered by Stephen Marcussen, and completed with art/design by MEDIA.

Stream and purchase MEDIA’s Output now at all digital music services RIGHT HERE.

The three connected releases will be joined as one concept and released later this year, including a vinyl pressing. Stand by for details to post over the months ahead.

Output Track Listing:
1. The Mixture
2. Signal
3. Flicker
4. Output

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