Horse's last show December 16th @ Fillmore Denver with Wayne Static 

Horse’s Last show 12-16-11

Horse’s last show was bitter sweet with feelings of relief and disappointment. So many years I have been watching and photographing this band. Fun times dunking Metal Maidens at the Iliff Park Saloon for a friend of Uncle Nasty and Horse. So many great shows and great experience, so many great friends, It was amazing! The whole time I was photographing Horse play at the Fillmore on December sixteenth they never miss a beat and Uncle Nasty’s stage presence and performance is always fierce and empowering! Donnie with his amazing guitar work and Doug killing it on his base the whole show was only amplified by the knowledge that this was their last one; not forever but for a long while.
In a short interview downstairs in Horse’s dressing room Nasty stated that “he just doesn’t have the time to put into the band that it deserves” and I think that’s a noble and knowledgeable statement on his part. His job at KBPI and his beautiful family as well as other important projects going on just consume too much of his time. And he is not the only one. The rest of the band feels the same way. They all have familys and other jobs or projects and its just gotten to hard to give the band the time it deserves. Life gets in the way sometimes.
So many years have gone by and Horse has been a steady home grown hero and Colorado ICON at some point it just needs to come to an end so that new doors and opportunities can be opened up and new projects can blossom.
We wish the best of luck to all the members of Horse and you will be greatly missed!
Hope to photograph you again some day!
Much love to a band called Horse!

PS: Fellas after our interview I thought of a million questions I could have asked you! So let me know if you ever want to chat again. I would love to sit and talk about the good old days and great experiences you have all had in your many years of Resident Rock Star and Colorado history!

xoxo Amy Hutcheson xoxo
aka Methylene Blue

At another point in the dressing room someone asked me where I had been for the past six months. That’s another story all together and I’ll post it here in my blog when I’m done writing it all down…


Basic Information
Nasty (Vox)
Devon (Drums)
Doug (Bass)
Donnie (Guitar)
Denver, CO
Record Label
Westword's Best Metal Band in Denver (2009)
Horse is a four piece, heavy rock group from Denver, Colorado that performs a set of original music with a captivating and electrifying presence. Originally formed in 1998 as A Band Called Horse, we changed our name to HORSE in 2005. The band has played extensively along the Front Range and has toured throughout Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Thanks for your interest. Think for yourself or the government will do it for you.
Current Location
Band Interests
US Metal!
Press Contact
Booking Agent
Doug Tacket