Who are the Metal Maidens? 


The Metal Maidens are an all-female street team for www.residentrockstar.com & www.metalmaidens.org 
The team is made up of national and local female volunteers. 
They do it FOR THE MUSIC! 

What do the Metal Maidens do? 

The Metal…

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Metal Maidens 2019 Calendar Contest Rules: 

Open casting call open enrollment November 1st – 30th 2018 

Contestants must be 18 years of age or older and be female in gender. 

Sign up via www.residentrockstar.com/join-the-metal-maidens before midnight on November 30th, 2018 to enter the 2019…

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Metal Maidens Membership Levels: 

This is an outline of what you get for participating with the Metal Maidens and the different levels of membership you can sign up for via https://www.patreon.com/metalmaidens 

This outline applies to both prospects and members and pertains to Amy…

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Chapter Requirements: 

Chapter Requirements: 

What it takes to start your own chapter of the Metal Maidens Street Team in your area. 

You have one or more members in your area who have been a part of the team for more…

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Etiquette (Basic Rules) 


a.Respect yourselves and each other. 

Our goal is to build people up, not tear them down. This is a team, and each person can easily contribute in different ways. Do not disrespect members of this team from different…

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Submitting Photo Shoots from Outside Photographers: 


There are a couple of things to remember when submitting photo shoots from outside photographers for the Metal Maidens.  

First of all, there are two ways we publish images. 

The first…

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Photo requirements: 

Please clearly label your images in a folder with your name on it, and zip it then either email or dropbox.com it to the email address  

Make sure to label the folder and each picture with your name/s  

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Returning Members: 

Please submit to metalmaidens@residentrockstar.com your five favorite photos from any of the official Metal Maidens photoshoots you have participated in throughout the current year. 

Example: If you are entering into the “2017 Metal Maidens’ Calendar Contest” then you would submit…

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Confidentiality Agreement:

This agreement is put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and confidentiality of personal information within the group. 
THIS CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT BETWEEN:  Resident Rock Star LLC and their official street team The Metal Maidens & The “Employee” (Metal Maiden’s, Prospects…

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New applicants:

Please email a copy of your ID and 3 - 5 clear photos of yourself to:
Put your name and "Metal Maidens Application" in the subject line. 
Label each photo with your name 
We must be able to verify…

Contests, Prizes, and Publications:

The Metal Maidens do several promotional activities throughout the year, all aimed at helping charities, raising awareness, and promoting both local and national music and art as well as promoting and growing our own group. 
Calendar contest: 
·        Once a…

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Photos and Photo Shoots:

Group Photo Shoots – are always free for Metal Maidens on any level. 
Solo photo shoots - $120 or $10 a month for 12 months. (Metal Maidens Dues) 
·        This is up to 2 hours of shooting time. 
·        This…

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Metal Maidens Application:

Your Metal Maidens Application is very very important!

1.      It basically states that you realize the photos we are taking are for promotional purposes and you cannot reproduce them for commercial use without permission.

2.      It clearly states…

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Metal Maidens Dues:

The purpose of dues is to help keep us moving forward.

Everything we want to do in this group costs money.

We need merchandise, prizes, calendars, magazines, and much more.

Dues are moneys collected for the greater…

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The Metal Maidens:

The Metal Maidens are an all-female street team for www.reidentrockstar.com & www.metalmaidens.org   
The group is made up of local and national volunteers. 
With both local and national members, the Metal Maidens have a viral social out reach of over 10,000. …

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Metal Maidens Membership Levels

Street Team: 

Share your enthusiasm for local music by sharing events on social media. 
Talk about local music. 
Spread the word about the Metal Maidens. 
Attend occasional events or shows and hand out promotional items, etc. 
Does not require…

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Metal Maidens 2019 Calendar Contest Entry Fee
  • Metal Maidens 2019 Calendar Contest Entry Fee
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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying to be in the Metal Maidens Calendar Contest and /or Street Team! We have received your entry and are looking forward to your submissions. If you haven’t done so already, please submit copy of your ID to MetalMaidens@residentrockstar.com (to prove your age and identity) Put your name and "Metal Maidens Application" in the subject line Please make sure to read our official rules located here https://residentrockstar.com/Calendar-contest and to make sure you submit your: ID: metalmaidens@residentrockstar.com Photos: https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/RRSMagazine ENTRY FEE http://www.residentrockstar.com/calendar-contest
before the designated deadline to be included in this year’s Metal Maidens Calendar Contest, via public internet poll. Good luck ladies! The Metal Maidens www.metalmaidens.org (Rules and prizes are subject to change, void where prohibited. © 2018 Residentrockstar.com)

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