Contests, Prizes, and Publications:

The Metal Maidens do several promotional activities throughout the year, all aimed at helping charities, raising awareness, and promoting both local and national music and art as well as promoting and growing our own group. 
Calendar contest: 
·        Once a year around winter we have an online contest. 
·        Our photographer and panel of judges pick one photo of each member to be in an online contest. (Photos must be from current year and by our photographers.) 
·        The contest runs for 3 days. 
·        In those 3 days you must get your photo to have as many likes/hits as possible on the website. 
·        At the end of the 3 days, the 13 Metal Maidens with the most likes/hits get to be in the calendar. 
The purpose of the calendar is to flex our promotional muscles, 
Show the music scene what we can do as an individual and a group 
And highlight the girls in the scene who come out and support the music! 
Imagine if one Metal Maiden can get 10,000 likes on her single photo for a contest--then what can a whole team of maidens do for a band, event, and the general music scene? 
This contest is a way for us to show these skills and rally people to pay attention to the plethora of talent and imagination just bursting out from our underground scene. 
Calendar Release show: 
Once a year in winter we have a calendar release show. 
The show features musical performances from musicians and groups we work with all year long and is sponsored and promoted by local and national artists and vendors who support our cause. 
Contestants are asked to get up on stage and possibly answer questions about why they think they deserve the Crown and Title of Iron Maiden of the Year. 
At the show we ask the audience to vote via ballot for The Metal Maiden they think should win the title of “Iron Maiden of the Year” and runner up “Metal Maiden of the Year” 
We then crown the winners: 
·        Iron Maiden of the year 1st place 
·        Metal Maiden of the year 2nd place 
These two girls will receive Crowns, hoodies, dog tags, photo shoots, and lots of other cool prizes along with their titles. 
The winners will be featured on posters and promotional materials and will be asked to attend several events throughout the year as representatives of our group. 
The Iron Maiden will be featured on the cover of the Metal Maidens Edition magazine for the corresponding year. 
Should the winner not be able to fulfill her duties as Iron Maiden, the Metal Maiden of the Year or runner up will be asked to step in. 
Quarterly Magazine:  
Every season we release a quarterly magazine. 
•       Summer2014 #01 – released June 1st 
•       Fall2014 #02 – released September 1st 
•       Winter2014/15 – released December 1st 
•       Spring2015 – released March 1st 
•      Metal Maidens Edition - July/August every year 
Each Quarterly Issue will contain: 
•       50+full color pages featuring photography, interviews and articles by Resident Rock Star. 
•       3+  Metal Maidens from calendar months 
•       3+  Local artists 
•       3+  National artists 
•       Concert listings for Northern Colorado 
•       Cd reviews, how-to guides, artists, sculptors, tattoo artists, sports, vendors and merchants. 
Metal Maidens Edition Magazine: 
This is a yearly issue of “Resident Rock Star Magazine” much like the swim suit edition of Sports Illustrated, except ours features all 13 girls who make it into the calendar and some special bonus Maidens as well! 
The Metal Maidens Edition will come out annually on or around July 1st. 
This edition of the magazine is designed to keep fans interested and bring the excitement and attention level back up for the Summer / Fall concert season. 
It’s also a great excuse to buy a new swim suit and get out to some of our summer photo shoots!

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