Metal Maidens Membership Levels: 

This is an outline of what you get for participating with the Metal Maidens and the different levels of membership you can sign up for via 

This outline applies to both prospects and members and pertains to Amy Hutcheson the main photographer for RRS Photography / Resident Rock Star and any assistant or licensed employee thereof.   

All other photographers are subject to their own usage agreements and terms.  

$0 - $5 a month: (Portfolio Trade) 

1-5 watermarked digital images from each group photo shoot you participate in. 

Access to either the Metal Maidens Official Group or the Prospects Group on Facebook, where we announce all group photo shoots and other activities. 

$10 a month:(Access to Full Photo Sessions) 

Access to full photo sessions with RRS Photography and personal usage rights to watermarked images. 

(Personal: Means you can save and share pictures with watermarks to social networking sites, and/or with family and friends. This option is great for models just starting out in the industry, hobbyists or fans who want to see more than just what the public gets to see.) 

$25 a month (Limited Usage Rights of Original Images.) 

This tier is exclusively for our Metal Maiden Members, Prospects and Biggest Fans! 

Fans will get: 

Behind the scenes and special access to content before anyone else, personalized gifts in the mail from the team and a special thank you from us to you! 

Metal Maiden Members and Prospects will get: 

Everything the fans get and a personalized password that allows you to download images of yourself, taken by our house photographer (RRS Photography), without watermarks, for your personal or limited commercial usage. 

(Limited Commercial Usage: This means you can use the images in your portfolio, on your website and for your own personal Patreon or similar platform, but you cannot sell images to a third party or reproduce, print or copy images without prior written consent from the photographer. Hosting images on MODELS OWN website, Patreon or social sites is acceptable. Hosting or selling images on third party sites or to other commercial vendors is NOT acceptable.) 

(PLEASE NOTE: That fans DO NOT have usage rights to any photographic materials on this website. Only individuals pictured in the images who have filled out the appropriate application on our website have usage of images outlined in this user agreement and at this subscription level. This means you cannot purchase someone else’s photos. Your password will only work on images of you.) 

Usage rights are rights granted to an individual by an artist to use something for a specific purpose and for a period. For example, photographers typically give usage rights to clients after ordering artwork, so the photos can be displayed for their personal use. 

Personal Use License The content owner grants the buyer a non-exclusive, perpetual, personal use license to view, download, display, and copy the content, subject to the following restrictions: The content is licensed for personal use only, not commercial use. 

Commercial: used to promote or sell a product or a service. This encompasses everything from product packaging to corporate stationery to blogs that are at all related to a business venture.

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