Photo requirements: 

Please clearly label your images in a folder with your name on it, and zip it then either email or it to the email address  

Make sure to label the folder and each picture with your name/s  
If you are using our House photographer:  

  • A link to the image or an image number and set name are needed to locate your images in our archives.  

If you would like to use an outside photographer's images:  

  • Photos must be high resolution 300 dpi 8.5x11  
  • Photos must be UNMARKED and Royalty Free with a signed waiver from the photographer who took it giving us right to print and reproduce the image.  
  • We will give your photographer credit so please include all credit information.  
  • You must send in a signed photo release from your photographer stating that we have permission to print and reproduce the images you are submitting indefinitely and without monetary compensation.  
  • Photos must be suitable to print. This means no filters, fuzzy images, or over saturated colors.  
  • Photos may not be too graphic and must adhere to public viewing standards, these calendars will be hung in our sponsors' place of business.  
  • More graphic images can be used in promotional posters and collectable prints instead of the calendar.  


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