Photos and Photo Shoots:

Group Photo Shoots – are always free for Metal Maidens on any level. 
Solo photo shoots - $120 or $10 a month for 12 months. (Metal Maidens Dues) 
·        This is up to 2 hours of shooting time. 
·        This shoot can be anything you want within reason. 
·        Hair and makeup and wardrobe are not included. 
Do I have to participate in photo shoots to be a Metal Maiden? - NO!  
There is no requirement to model in order to be a Metal Maiden. 
There are lots of ways you can participate and help out without competing in the contests or photo shoots. You do have to have a staff photo on file though and we have to take it. Sorry, it is part of the process. We have to meet you in person. If you are out of state, we can use video chat to verify your identity and take a photo.  
You do not have to get naked, but you don’t have to not get naked either. 
You are free to express yourself however you feel comfortable. 
This is about being you, not about being naked. 
The photos we take at shoots are for use on and our associated social networking pages,
as well as in publications and promotional items. 
You the “model” or “Metal Maiden” are allowed to use these photos on your personal social sites and websites within reason as long as you do not remove our Metal Maidens logo and website. 
If for some reason you do need to remove this logo proper photo credit needs to be given. 
(Example: Sharing new photos on Instagram – logo gets cutoff- #metalmaidens #residentrockstar) 
Tagging photos hash tags# and other forms of linking are great but in addition whenever possible please also include our website and photo credit to the photographer in the caption. 
It is also important to remember that a photo is copy written © by its photographer from the moment they take the photo,
unless otherwise outlined in a formal contract. 
·        Even though you pay dues or pay to download or print your photo, this does not allow you to reproduce, distribute, or sell your photos in any way. 
·        The purpose of us taking photos is to bring in more viewers to the website that helps promote local and national music and art.  
·        If other websites or companies are using our logo or reproducing, distributing, or selling our photos in any way they are taking away from our views on our site and our sales, and vicariously taking away from the musician and artists we promote. 
·        This completely defeats the purpose of us taking photos for promotions and it certainly makes it hard for us to keep group photoshoots free and photos unlocked. 

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