Role of Chapter Leader

Chapters are used to break up large areas and make them easier to handle by appointing individual leaders to smaller sections of a larger area. 

You must have at least 3 active members in a specific area to qualify as a chapter. 

Chapter Leader - The chapter leader is the vital link between the members in a specific area and the administration. (President, Vice President, Secretary and Officers) 

Members thinking of running for this office should consider the many responsibilities they must fulfill, including: 

Encouraging members’ involvement in the group by advising members of meetings, programs and other activities in the chapter and nationwide. 
Attending chapter leader meetings, and other group meetings. 
Adding and welcoming new prospects to the Prospects Facebook group. 
Encouraging participation in VOTE/COPE by the members and collecting VOTE/COPE checkoff cards (if voting is done by paper ballots) 
Relaying the Chapter wide group issues and decisions to the staff. 
Providing for informal resolution of problems between members. 
Serving as a resource for members about rules, events, activities and other matters. 
Working with the other chapter leaders, officers and representatives. (Including outside states) 
Working with the public. 
Taking the lead in seeking to ensure that the health, welfare and rights of members are protected. 
Distributing newsletters, brochures, fliers and other materials. 
Participating in the group’s campaigns and other activities. 
Attending training sessions to learn how to better serve members. 
Protecting the confidentiality of all members. 
Leading the chapter in discussion, development and implementation of policies that will help ensure the future of the chapter and club. 
Ensuring the contract is enforced properly and services are provided. 
Representing all chapter members in informal resolution of problems with the administration and in grievances. 
Holding at least four regularly scheduled chapter meetings each year.

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