Role of Vice President

Vice President - The role of vice president is an important one. Sometimes it happens that the Club president is prevented from carrying out the duties of his/her office for various reasons. 

A well organized and properly operating Club should have a properly trained vice president who is prepared to administer the Club in the absence of the president. 

The main duty of the vice president is to assist the president and other club officers in completing their duties. It is also the vice president’s job to effectively contribute to the club’s operations. 

To do this effectively, you must be involved with the work and understand the policies of the club. 


• Preside over quarterly club meetings in the absence of the president. 

• Gather material for and help edit a club newsletter. See that a Monthly club newsletter is produced in conjunction with the club editor, webmaster, or equivalent if the club has such an officer. 

• Attend all club meetings. 

• Make sure that attendance is taken at every meeting in conjunction with the club secretary. 

• Assist the president in every way. 

• Watch over the administration system and assist the officers and chapter leaders. 

• Make sure the club secretary and the club treasurer mailed in or delivered the club’s monthly reports to the necessary officers and advisors. 

• Become thoroughly acquainted with the president’s duties so you can assist the president. 

• Receive all materials and possible help from the past vice president of your club. 

• Talk to prospective members of the Club, and help them decide whether to join. 

• Work with club secretary and treasurer to ensure member roster and dues are mailed by the appropriate dates. 

• Conduct an educational program for new members. 

• Work with the new vice president and help him/her prepare to take over your job next year. 

Review the portion of the Club planner dedicated to the club president and the other Club officers. You, as vice president, are as responsible as the president in executing the president’s functions and duties properly. That means you must know Club inside and out, the duties of each officer and member, and be able to lead your club with the other officers and members.

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