Submitting Photo Shoots from Outside Photographers: 


There are a couple of things to remember when submitting photo shoots from outside photographers for the Metal Maidens. 

High Resolution Images: 

Photos must be High Resolution and at least 8 x 10 in size! 

What does this mean? 

High Resolution means 300 DPI or (dots per inch) this means you will have to get the images directly from a photographer and send them via our file sharing system which you can find on our website. 

Saving images off the internet or on your phone will not work! 

Images on your phone and off the internet are usually 72 DPI for faster loading speed on a device. These will not print well! They will be blurry and pixilated. RAW images, PDFS, Tiffs, and JPGs are all acceptable file types. 


Photo Release for Printing: 

Images must be accompanied by a photo release from the photographer stating that we have the right to reproduce the images in print format and to use them on our website. 

(Note: not all images will be printed but in case they are we must have this release!) 

You can find a release on our site along with the upload link for photos. 

Photographers will be given credit. 

They will also be given a quarter page ad on the website for letting us use their work and a quarter page ad in any magazine that we might print their work. 

If a photographer has an image that we choose to us on the cover of the magazine they will get a full-page ad on the back of that magazine as well. 

Photographers are responsible for getting us their full-page advertisement in a timely fashion. If they need help making an ad any one of our staff graphic artists will be glad to help them with that process. 

NO WATERMARKS!!! We cannot print watermarked images! I completely understand that some photographers are going to want their logo or watermark on their images. Especially if they are handing over high-resolution images. But we may need to print these images and in that case the logo or watermark may be in the wrong place and end up getting cut off. If a photographer is animate about their watermark, ask them to send it in a high-resolution file separately from the images. Either a jpg, pdf, psd or png file will work best. And we will add it to the photos later. 

We suggest that photographers shoot in the mode manual/jpg which allows the camera to capture both a RAW file or digital negative and a JPG file which is what most of you would be familiar with for use on your social sites etc. 

After shooting in this mode please watermark your jpg images anywhere (within reason) on the image accept for the left bottom corner. Our metal maidens watermark will go there when we upload the images to the website. 

You can then drag and drop all the files you took RAW & JPG w/ watermarks or without wither is fine to our file share system. 

This way we can look through every image you took and find the ones that will work best for the printed magazine and the website. 

Image Quality: 

Images need to be of good quality. Meaning they need to have a good composition, good lighting, be tasteful 

(no sex or penetration or XXX rated Images.) 

Rated R or NC 17 is fine Nudity is fine but must be tasteful. No over saturated images, Colors must be in a normal color range. CMYK or RGB is fine. No blurry images, no overly dark or overly bright images. 

If RAW files are available sometimes these issues can be resolved but not in every case. 


Every photo set must include at least 10 images per girl. 

10 – 100 images is acceptable for most shoots. If under 10 or over 100 images are available, please note this when submitting your photo set. Exceptions can be made but for the sake of consistency, time and space please try to keep your photo sets between 10 – 100 images. 


What themes are acceptable for photo shoots? 

Any theme is fine for the most part. Of course, we like to lean towards the sexy, alternative, metal head / pin up looks but any interesting photo shoot themes are allowed as long as they are not X rated in nature. 

Why isn’t X rated content allowed? Because we need a special license for that and that is not the kind of image we want to project for this group. You are welcome to do whatever you wish outside of the Metal Maidens however please just remember that what is posted on this website reflects not only yourself but the group as a whole. This is a great point to remember as far as your public behavior goes as well! On another note, photo sets that have absolutely nothing interesting about them, are completely not metal or alternative in nature in any way and/or look like senior photos will be rejected. 

Spice it up a bit lady, we are not angels we are metal chicks! 

Submitting photos online: 

Photos should be submitted online as soon as they are available and whenever possible before you or the photographer shares them online. 

Photos shoot should be sent to us directly through our hightail file sharing system. 

Please make sure to clearly label your uploads in the message section and your images or zip file with your name, the photographers name, date of the shoot and the title of the shoot if any. 

Where will photo, shoots be available on our website? 

Once you have submitted a photo shoot and it has been accepted to be hosted on our website your images will be uploaded to our photo hosting site and connected to your page. Example: 

you may then share this page to your fans, so they may view your newest photo set. 

Do not share the smugmug links!! 

People need to go through our website and patreon account to view your photos. 

The patreon allows us to keep track of your monthly dues and keeps just anyone off the street from accessing your photos like your mom or grandmother. They will have to sign up just like you (only as a fan club member) to see the entire photoshoot and most people will not enter a credit card number to see your risky photos unless they really want to see them. It also lets us make sure our viewers are 18+ years of age. 

We will address the patreon in another video but for now this should get you started.

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