The Metal Maidens:

The Metal Maidens are an all-female street team for &   
The group is made up of local and national volunteers. 
With both local and national members, the Metal Maidens have a viral social out reach of over 10,000. 
These ladies trade services, such as handing out show ads, posting on their social sites, selling and modeling merchandise, and more in exchange for their hard work on our street team they receive photography and other services for free,
as well as lots of other exciting opportunities and prizes! 
But that is not why they volunteer… 
They do it FOR THE MUSIC! 
A Metal Maiden is not just a pretty face or a girl who listens to Metal Music. 
A Metal Maiden is a female who is strong like Metal, powerful and confident in themselves in whatever they are doing like the music. 
A Metal Maiden is a woman who makes a difference every day not just in their community but in their own lives and the lives of the people that they care about. 
We are the musicians and artists we support! 
We are the wives, sisters, cousins, aunts, girlfriends, fans and friends of the musicians and artists that make our lives better every day with their creativity! 
The Metal Maidens: 

Promote and spread the word about local and touring musicians, artists, performers, and models. 
Be positive members of our community by participating in local charity and community events. 
Be ambassadors for the Colorado scene for touring musicians and when traveling to other areas. 
Promote a positive self-image for each member and boost self-esteem. 
Unite different areas and genres through promoting a positive team image. 

As a Metal Maiden you have an obligation to act respectfully and responsibly of yourself and others when in public or on public forums. 
You are your own person and you are entitled to your own opinions and actions. 
We just ask that you be accountable for them and 
that you act professional when representing the Metal Maidens and Resident Rock Star. 
You do not use or abuse the privileges that come along with being part of our club. 
Above all that you respect yourself and act accordingly when out in public. 
Drama will not be tolerated. 
If you cannot do these things, then this group is not for you

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