Who are the Metal Maidens? 


The Metal Maidens are an all-female street team for www.residentrockstar.com & www.metalmaidens.org 
The team is made up of national and local female volunteers. 
They do it FOR THE MUSIC! 

What do the Metal Maidens do? 

The Metal Maidens do many things: 

Hand out local concert flyers and announcements at shows. 
Promote and attend local shows. 
Sell and model merchandise for local bands. 
Participate in themed photo shoots and an annual calendar contest. 
Make meals and prepare care packages for touring artists. 
Find lodging, showers and rest stops for touring artists. 
Travel to other areas as ambassadors; helping to cross-promote in different scenes. 

Why did we choose Patreon? 

Provides us with a simple platform to share what we are doing with our fans. 
Allows our fans and supporters to become ground level investors in our team! 
Allows our fans to contribute and partake in our success as we grow and develop our goals. 
Allows us to give back to our fans and supporters with special patron-only content. 

Why do we need money? What will we use the money for? 

COST OF OPERATIONS! Monthly costs of running the website and multifaceted organization. 

What are the goals of the Metal Maidens? 

Generate enough income to cover the cost of running our organization. 
Promote our local and national scene by being positive ambassadors of our area. 
To promote a positive self-image for each member of the team. 
Give each member of our team the best opportunities possible while participating. 

Why should you support the Metal Maidens? 

Because YOU WANT TO! 
Because you like what we are doing! 
Because you want to see us grow and succeed! 
Because we have helped you or your band! 
Because you may need our help one day! 
Because you believe in us and what we are doing! 

Where did the money come from before Patreon? 

We have a few local sponsors who contribute financially to our cause. 
Black Sky Brewery, Denver, Colorado 

Besides these sponsors, the money comes out of Amy Hutcheson’s pocket. 
(Owner of Resident Rock Star and the Metal Maidens) 
Until recently Amy has used loans and money from sponsors to pay for everything we do. 
She can no longer continue to cover the costs of running the magazine and the street team and has turned to us, the community, for help!

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