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Interview with model, musician & actress Aeon Cruz 

By: Amy Hutcheson 

Fall 2017  

Photos by: Caleb Jensen 

Magnetic Photography

Resident Rock Star Magazine  


According to IMDb: Aeon Cruz is an American TV Show Host, actress, musician and performance artist. Born in Venice, Florida. 

Growing up a pop, modern and hula dance performer, Aeon has shown in festivals, parades and halftime shows and as a competitive gymnast. Her first big break came when she appeared dancing and playing a cheerleader in the 'Walt Disney World Super Bowl XXV Halftime Show' in Tampa, Florida. 
In high school, she was in drama club, acting in dozens of school plays, and on the competitive dance team. She also learned the bass guitar and formed her first band, Iudiu. After graduating high school, Aeon attended college to study performance and visual arts. She has had training in theater, voice, dance, bass guitar, painting, photography, glass blowing and fire. After college, she moved to Denver, Colorado to form her next music project, Audioflux, and later Glass Delirium. She has performed on stage playing bass and singing with her band and other highly notable rock bands such as Queensrÿche, Halestorm, In This Moment, Static-X, Powerman 5000 and more. She has recorded two albums: 'Diamond Lullabies' and 'Honey Blood', with Glass Delirium. 

Aeon has appeared on numerous covers of music, art and alternative magazines and publications including our very own Resident Rock Star Magazine (Summer Issue #05). Starring in her first film role as the lead Amanda Shore in the zombie film “Ravenous You're the Main Course” (2013) and recently appearing in the rock n' roll feature “Stadium Anthems” (2017) as Steph, the lead guitar player, which she also recorded bass and backup vocals on the soundtrack for, and the comic book sci-fi film Monster Force Zero (2017), in which she performed her own stunts. Currently, she is filming as the hose of a TV series for the ASY Network called “The Drink”, due to release mid-2017. 
We caught up with Aeon to find out what is up next for this multi-talented starlet. 

RRS: Aeon what have you been up to recently? 

Aeon: Working on a lot of film: acting in 'Monster Force Zero', 'Army & Coop', 'Stadium Anthems', 'The Kicker' for the 48 Hour Film Festival (which made it to the 'Best Of…' and we won 'Best Acting Ensemble'), 'Gringo Bang Bang', a few commercials, my TV show called 'The Drink', producing and directing some short films and shows, a few different guest appearances at different cons and film festivals and also writing new music! 

RRS: Can you tell us more about your newest release Monster Force Zero? 

Aeon: Monster Force Zero is a sci-fi fantasy film that embraces the cosplay, furry enthusiast and steampunk culture. The story captures the excitement of the con circuit while exploring what it takes to be an artist and a maker. I play Ammoramma, a super bad ass, who fights with my best friend team, going from a somewhat ordinary world of cosplay and getting thrust into a world of ancient aliens, Sasquatches and reptilian monsters. It's so cool! There is a ton of action and it's a super wild ride of adventure. It was my first time getting to do stunts and elaborate fight scenes. The stunt coordinators, crew and all the other actors were really a blast to work with. 

See the trailer and donate to the Indegogo campaign at 

RRS: What about this new show “The Drink”? Can you tell us more about that? 

Aeon: On 'The Drink' I travel the country to landmark bars, breweries and distilleries, learning about the history of the places and the food, drinks and the culture surrounding them. I get fed really well and more drinks than I could ever have imagined. The places we have been to have been really generous and super rad. I have definitely learned a lot about booze and have met a ton of really awesome people along the way. I've gotten to go to some really interesting places and even play with alligators. A few of the episodes have some celebrity guests in them. Vinnie Dombroski from Sponge was in my Detroit episode and we did a special with Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske from Broken Lizard (Beer Fest & Super Troopers). It's been a lot of fun to say the least. 

RRS: How many films have you been in? 

Aeon: Oh gosh, I don't know an exact number. This has definitely been my most incredible year for film work so far. I spent a lot of years focusing on music and my band and being a full-time actor is still relatively new to me. 

Full list of film 

RRS: Have you watched all of your films and TV shows? 

Aeon: I watch everything I can. I used to do a lot of student films but they wouldn't ever finish them or send me any footage so there's a lot of things I haven't ever been able to see. That was pretty early on in my career though, so just like when I watch old films I did a long time ago, it kind of drives me crazy because I see how I have become a better actress through time and so the old work I've done just feels really bad to me. I am pretty critical on myself. Sometimes it's hard to watch some of the old films I've done and how bad everything was. It is really awesome to see how I've gotten better at my craft and how many amazing and talented film makers and actors I get to work with now. Sometimes it really blows my mind thinking about who I have gotten to work with. I feel really lucky to be here now. 

RRS: What is it like watching yourself on the screen? 

Aeon: It’s not usually weird at first, but going back and watching the same piece is hard because I keep critiquing myself and then it drives me crazy and I wonder if I look weird to anyone else. I then begin wondering if it helps me in the long run, as to helping me do better for the next time. I think it does to some extent, but also the film and character are already over and unless any of the films get a sequel I wouldn't really be playing the same character again. So maybe all I can take away from it is an idea or technique that I learned and maybe character choices. I absolutely love watching films I've done on the big screen with an audience I don't know and hearing their reactions to it. It's always fun to see what moves them, makes them laugh and what they connected with. 

RRS: Your daughter Aeona, she has starred with you in many of your films and TV shows? 

Aeon: Aeona was in my first film, 'Ravenous, You're the Main Course', and has been in numerous other films with me since that time. Her first question when I book a role is, "Is there a part for me?" We just finished a commercial together where I got cast as her mom. That usually doesn't happen that I get the mom roles. We usually just get cast as random people that don't know each other and in separate scenes. It's always really fun to be on set with her. She's very professional and fun at the same time. She has also been in numerous commercials and films on her own as well. She was one of the little Jon Benets, in casting Jon Benet, that was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and is on Netflix now. She has her own YouTube channel and hosts a TV show called 'Too Sweet with Aeona'. 

RRS: Aeona has her own show now!? That must be very exciting for you both… 

Aeon: It is very exciting! And a great growing experience for us, both personally and professionally. I get to hang out on set, which is neat and I love watching her do her thing and being there to support her. I've also gotten the opportunity to work with her behind the scenes and help produce and direct. We did a special episode in Frankenmuth where I was a guest and we had a ton of fun. It's really incredible to see her growing into a funny and entertaining human. 

RRS: What have you been doing with music lately? 

Aeon: I have a secret music project happening with another insanely talented well known musician. We are in the early stages of writing and then will be recording a few singles and will release some music videos to go along with each release. It's kind of the music I have always wanted to make with someone who blows my mind constantly. 

RRS: What do you and Aeona do for Halloween? 

Aeon: We keep Halloween decorations up all year but always find room to get more as soon as we see them for sale and then seem to get more every time we are at the store. We always go to the pumpkin patch and corn mazes. We make spooky treats and giggle potion and have spooky movie marathons. Halloween night we go trick-or-treating and then out to dinner to celebrate. We've done lights on tours at Haunted Houses but may do it for real this year! 

RRS: Any big plans for the future? 

Aeon: Everything! Film and music always. We are going to be doing a lot more independent film work and producing new content for Candy Grenade. A lot of horror films in the works!! New music will be released in 2018!! 

RRS: Where can fans find more of your work? 

Aeon: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: 
And of course Like:

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