May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Shoot

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Stella Morbid 

Since 1995, Stella has been making her mark on the universe in a major way. With her fresh style and eclectic taste in music, life is nothing short of exciting when your hanging out with Stella! 

This artistic young lady likes to express herself with Hair design, makeup, sewing, crafting, collecting cute animals and shoes! are a few of this Metal Maidens vices. “Like, I have a problem. I can’t stop.” Says Stella of her eclectic hobbies. 
Musical favorites for Stella include Cradle of Filth, Black Dahlia Murder and Pink Floyd, but the list is obviously much longer. Stella’s love of the strange and unusual lead her to the Metal Maidens team. “I want to be a Metal Maiden because I love it and Amy rules!” proclaims Stella. Shortly after Stella turned 18, she joined our street team and despite life’s ups and downs, she knows she can always come back to her team when she needs a friend or just something fun to do. 

“I'm a young mom. Working hard, and trying to do my best!” She is a unique and refreshing addition to our street team with her upbeat perspective from a modern Metal Maiden.


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