Metal Maiden Stevie Steel in Spring Issue of Resident Rock Star Magazine #12

Photos and interview by Amy Hutcheson 

Stevie Steel is our Greeley / Eastern Colorado Chapter Leader, and has been a member of the Metal Maidens Official Street Team since 2007. As one of our original members, Stevie has watched and grown along with the group over the years. 

“I have always supported the local metal scene despite the personal obstacles I have had to overcome.” Says Stevie of her time with the group, “I love being a part of the Metal Maidens for the sisterhood part of it and I have always loved metal and punk and supporting bands, especially my friend’s bands.” 

Support she sure does! Stevie knows that the core of the Metal Maidens is only as strong as its supporting members and when her sisters are down, she is there to help them back up again. Just like they have been there for her when she has needed them. A leader by example, Stevie has overcome many personal obstacles and still remained a strong influence in the group. 

“I like what we do for the bands.” Stevie says “We help get their show flyers out and just promote them in any way we can.” 

People pay attention to a bunch of girls hanging out together, love us or hate us, you are definitely looking our way and we are probably having more fun than you are! Don’t hate, Participate! 

There is more than enough love to go around when it comes to our local metal scene, but only thirteen spots in our yearly calendar. Stevie got #13 in our 2016 calendar, which is the extra month in our annual calendar and the month of May in our 2017 calendar! Stevie hasn’t just spent many years supporting bands with the Metal Maidens, her love for Metal music started at a very young age. “My mom used to listen to Ozzy and my uncles used to listen to Iron Maiden so I started listening to Metal when I was very young.” Hatebreed, Soulfly, Madball, Walls of Jericho, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Abnormality, The Exploited, Slayer, cro-mags, Dark Sermon, King Parrot, Agnostic Front, Rancid, Western Waste, Suffocation, Anthrax, Behemoth, Butcher Babies, The Caveat, Draghoria, Infinite Conscious, The Panoramic, Fallujah, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Operation Ivy, Pantera, Down and the Misfits, are just a few of Stevie’s’ favorite bands that come to mind. And what is Stevie Steel’s favorite type of music besides metal? 

“PUNK!!!!” Stevie is definitely our punk rocker in the group and credits her family for introducing her to the world of music, but her hobbies and interests don’t stop there. Recently Stevie joined and has been participating in regular practices with her roller derby team, the Slaughter House Derby Girls! Stevie says, “I am fresh meat so I won’t be in bouts for a while, maybe by summer, but I’m not sure. I have to pass a skills test in order to play, but my biggest hobby is being at the gym. I turn on my Hatebreed and that's what gets me going at the gym. Other than that, I love going to shows, hanging out with my friends, and I love going to the local breweries!!” 

Stevie has learned to balance both her passions and her responsibilities in day to day life. She is also a mother of three, a wife to her husband of over 9 years and recently took a position as a chef at a local hospital. It’s clear that Stevie is a member of the Metal Maidens that others can look up to. Modeling, fitness, parenting and music, this Maiden of Metal has all the bases covered. And she can cook too…? 

Stevie admires ideas from some of her idols in the alternative modeling industry and uses her modeling with the Metal Maidens as a creative outlet. “My biggest influences creatively are Heidi Lavon and Shonda Mackey-Cavalera. I follow these models and they are a huge inspiration to me as an alternative model.” Even though Stevie has only ever modeled for the Metal Maidens, she still takes cues from her idols and knows that it’s not the modeling that makes the Maiden but her love of music that makes her strong and beautiful.

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