Phoenixx Firebird 

Phoenixx Firebird is our Metal Maiden of the Year for 2017, and our Utah / Grand Junction Chapter Leader. Born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado and one half of a set of twins, Phoenixx almost didn’t make it out of the womb. Born premature, she and her sister both survived birth and they have spent most of their lives trying to be different from one another. As a child, Phoenixx’s parents and family exposed her to all of the greats, listening to everything from Black Sabbath to Blue Oyster Cult, Heart, the Scorpions and much more, but it was a chance encounter with a KORN CD at a garage sale with her brother, that really sold her soul to metal. 
Bands like Satyricon, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Cattle Decapitation, Aeon, Hank III, Coffin Cats, and more are some of her favorites, and music and concerts are a huge part of Phoenixx’s life. There is more than just what meets the eyes with Phoenixx Firebird. We need more strong female metal heads who truly love the music and the scene that comes with it. 

More power to her and girls like her!

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