Raven Black featured in the Spring Issue #12 of Resident Rock Star Magazine


 by Amy Hutcheson 

Raven is our Kansas / Missouri Chapter leader and our first out of state member to start her very own chapter! Based in Kansas City, Missouri, in just the few short months Raven has already recruited over 9 prospective Metal Maidens in her area, organized and completed several group photoshoots, set up a Metal Burlesque Show at a venue in her area, assisted several bands with getting shows both in and out of her state and driven to Colorado twice to participate in Metal Maidens events! 

Raven’s dedication to the scene and her team is an admirable example of what our Metal Maidens Street Team can accomplish with the proper motivation. The sky is the limit when it comes to this Metal Maiden. Raven says that she “likes the fact that the Metal Maidens support local charities and have models of all shapes and sizes.” 

Raven decided to join the team after finding the Metal Maidens on twitter! After signing up Raven set to work making a name for herself within the team. Making sure to keep up with all the latest news inside the group and via our social sites. Raven has made a point to participate even from hundreds of miles away! She sends touring bands and fans our way, and has made a lasting impression on our group as a self-starter and dedicated member of the team! 

Recently Raven even decided to go back to school and study fitness so that she can one day become a fitness trainer. Why does Raven think she should be included in this year’s Metal Maidens calendar? States Raven in her Metal Maidens application: “Because I'm sexy, I adore metal, I promote local metal and rock as well as national, and I help with charities.” But should she get the crown this year? “I don't think I should win,” says Raven. “Whichever girl wins is the girl who should win! It's all just fun times.” That’s the kind of attitude we like to hear! Winner or not, the name of the game is to have fun and promote music and art! Bringing people out to shows and promoting a healthy self-image for our members is our main goal. Winning and losing are just part of the contest. 

The fans are the real winners and the reward for being part of the team is way bigger than a crown and some title. For girls like Raven it’s a way to give back to a community that has given her so much. “I started to listen to Metal when I was younger…Some of my favorite bands are Mushroomhead, Gwar, Pantera, Harvest The Flesh, Otep, the list goes on... but when I am not listening to metal I like to listen to Rock, Classical, and Industrial types of music.” 

Creatively, Raven finds inspiration in her three young children and via mother nature…and a healthy dose of crazy helps keep her motivated towards her dreams!


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