Tiffany Grimm

Photographer Robert Kilgore

By Amy Hutcheson 

When you think about hard work you don’t often think about a five foot-something pixie-like girl with a taste for heavy metal, but that is exactly what you get if you know Tiffany Grimm. This sassy Metal Maiden and mother of three is always looking to inspire and be inspired by the people and things that surround her. With a hearty love for all things metal and horror related, Tiffany has set out to destroy stereotypes and redefine what it is to be a Metal Maiden. Currently, Tiffany is celebrating her one year as a prospect with the group and will be receiving her Metal Maidens Official Dog Tags at this year’s calendar release party on December 3rd, held at the legendary Gothic Theatre here in Denver, Colorado. She couldn’t be more excited about it, “Not only am I an avid supporter of the local metal scene, I also love to support women. The Maidens are a powerful group of women from all kinds of backgrounds that show we can be intelligent and badass at the same time, and not just a pretty face.” When we asked her why she is a part of the Metal Maidens Street Team, Tiffany states: “I've been a part of the group for a year and I have made lifelong friends while supporting the music scene!” And support she does. Tiffany Grimm has been hitting the streets and the shows hard all year and she hasn’t let motherhood, school, or work get in her way to do it. Tiffany shows a passion for all the things she sets her mind to. Tiffany started listening to heavy metal at the young age of fourteen. Taking notes from her father’s older metal influences from the time she learned to walk, by the time Tiffany turned fourteen she was an active member of the music community in her home state of Texas. “I like everything from metal to hip hop” says Tiffany but, “no country, LOL.” Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, It Dies Today, Tech N9ne, Ice Cube, Deftones, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, The Bled, Haste the Day, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, iwrestledabearonce, Norma Jean, Arch Enemy, Huntress, Job for a Cowboy, Children of Bodom, Chelsea Grin, Childish Gambino, Tool, Minus the Bear and Alexis on Fire, are some of Tiffany’s favorite artists. Besides music, Tiffany is very passionate about her career as a cosmetologist. Recently earning her degree, Tiffany has hit the ground running, quickly finding a place amongst her kind at a local salon. Of all her many talents and interests, Tiffany says, “I am a cosmetologist so I have a passion for hair, nails, and makeup, but I also love to paint, draw, sew, and be crafty. I love horror films and the film industry in general. I'm a big nerd at heart, but truly my kids and family are my everything.” From Metal to Classic Rock and Hip Hop Tiffany Grimm has passion for everything she listens to and loves all those around her. Her positive up beat personality shines through in her day to day life and her work ethic pays off not just for her but for all those who are graced to be in her life. Tiffany has spent her first year as a prospect for the Metal Maidens Official Street Team paying her dues and hitting the streets handing out concert calendars and attending concerts, while earning her cosmetology degree and taking care of her family, both blood and metal alike. She pulls creativity and inspiration from everything around her but especially from her family. “My kids are my biggest creative inspiration. I want to show them they should never be afraid to follow their passions and freedoms of expression.” Tiffany Grimm is certainly leading by example that shines through in not only Tiffany herself but in the tiny humans she is raising and the street team she has found a family in.

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