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Tiffany Grimm 

When you think about hard work you don’t often think about a five foot-something pixie-like girl with a taste for heavy metal, but that is exactly what you get if you know Tiffany Grimm. This sassy Metal Maiden and mother of three is always looking to inspire and be inspired by the people and things surrounding her. With a hearty love for all things metal and horror related, Tiffany has set out to destroy stereotypes and redefine what it is to be a Metal Maiden. She has proven herself as a leader, and has earned the role of the Fort Collins, CO Chapter Leader and the Texas Chapter Leader for the Metal Maidens in her home state. She pulls creativity and inspiration from everything around her but especially from her family. Tiffany Grimm is certainly leading by example which shines through in not only Tiffany herself, but in the tiny humans she is raising and the street team she has found a family in. From Metal to Classic Rock and Hip Hop, Tiffany Grimm has passion for everything she listens to and has an open mind. Her positive upbeat personality shines through in her day-to-day life and her work ethic pays off not just for her but for all those who are graced to be part of her circle.




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