1-11-13 Midgard Denver Cd Release 

Last night Midgard headlined their Denver area Cd release show for “Satellite” at Bushwacker’s Saloon. This gritty local bar is well known for hosting the local metal scene and this old school location was packed with the area’s close nit metal head crew of head bangers and hooligans. DHMS and RRS as well as lots of local area talent where in the audience. The show had a $5 cover and started out strong with a last min addition of a band called the “Conflicts” out of Kansas City Missouri, a gritty Punk/Thrash act on the road with a powerful stage performance. Followed by another out of area band “Nuclear Rain” from New Mexico. A thrash metal group with catchy rifts and head banging rhythms. After that was a local favorite “Silencer” a decade old local thrash band that took over the stage like nothing, bringing a high energy show before the main attraction Midgard hit the stage and performed for over 50 minutes. Playing their whole CD “Satellite” and then some and closing the night with a most impressive performance by all its members. This 4 piece melodic death metal band from the springs features Alex Shalenko - Vocals/Guitar, Ryan Willis – Drums, Travis Boylls – Guitar, and our very own Jenn Boylls - Bass Guitar. Midgard officially released their album “Satellite” on December 15th 2012. Last night’s performance was their Denver area cd release date and they kicked its ass with pounding drum beats and amazing guitar work. I’m looking forward to more good things from this crew in the near future!

The force is strong with this one.


Midgard is a melodic death metal band from Colorado, USA, formed in 2000 and recently reactivated! 2012 be on the look out for MIDGARD'S RETURN!!
With the unique sound that draws on melodic death, doom, and power metal, the Colorado, USA melodic death metallers MIDGARD released two EPs and a web single to some acclaim between 2001 and 2005 before dissolving due to personal and scheduling differences. The band performed numerous shows culminating with the performance at Milwaukee Metalfest in 2002, while Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine featured the track "Failure of Utopia" on its Knuckletracks compilation alongside such artists as DIO and MANOWAR.

In 2011, the band has been reactivated with the goal of continuing to make memorable and poignant music. The core of MIDGARD sound remains intact, with the powerful and varied vocals supplemented by haunting melodies and hard-edged guitar riffs, but now the band's songwriting is supplemented by a decade of experience, showcasing a mature yet heavy and aggressive sound.

Currently, MIDGARD is working on a comeback album for 2012 release. As the first full-length record from the band, the songs on the album will showcase a decade of musical evolution, ranging from rapid-fire aggression to expansive epics all the while maintaining focus on memorable writing. With the wealth of writing and performing experience, the new record, tentatively scheduled for release in 2012 is bound to take MIDGARD's art to a new, deadlier and focused level.
New album is coming in late 2012!
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Basic Info
Joined Facebook 06/18/2011
Release Date Formed in 2000
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Members Alex Shalenko - Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Willis - Drums
Travis Boylls - Guitar
Jenn Boylls - Bass Guitar
Hometown Colorado, USA
Record Label independent
Influences At The Gates, Iron Maiden, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Carcass, Paradise Lost, Edge Of Sanity. many many more!
Current Location Colorado, USA
Contact Info
Website http://www.midgardmetal.com
Booking Agent Ryan Willis or Alex Shalenko

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