Ministry Live May 23rd Gothic Theater Denver Colorado 

     Showtime couldn’t come soon enough. As anticipation for the night’s performance grew, more and more people lined up out in front of the gothic theater for the legendary Ministry. VIP ticket holders gossiped back and forth waiting their special meet and greet before the show while hundreds of others started to line up outside. I watched as countless people clambered to the box-office window to get tickets for what would end up being a sold out show!
The last time I saw this band live was at the Ogden Theater back in 2012 before the passing of legendary Guitarist Mike Scaccia (RIP). The loss of Scaccia was devastating to the band and the fans who loved him. No one thought we would ever see them tour again.
Now here we find ourselves in 2015 standing in front of the Gothic Theater waiting for our will-call with the same school-girl’s giddiness I had all those years ago when I first witnessed the greatness that is Ministry at the Aggie theater in Fort Collins Colorado.
Sixxis and Laibach started the night off right with dynamic and triumphant performances that drew the crowd in and kept them spell bound until…
Al Jorgensen, Sin Quirin, John Bechdel, Aaron Rossi, Tony Campos and Cesar Soto all took the stage one by one and started the night off right playing an hour and forty-five minute long set for fans starting with the newest material and ending with the oldest of old school. Playing hits like Burning inside, Just One Fix and many more!
Jorgensen did not disappoint fans with his always entertaining performance and even mentioned that he grew up in Colorado going to high school and college here in our great state at UNC. Uncle Al even climbed off the stage towards the end of the set to greet fans in the front row much to their surprise and delight!
Needless to say, Ministry put on a top notch performance for the crowd at the sold out Gothic theater.
We caught up with Aaron Rossi in the green room after the show and this is what he had to say about the tour so far.
RRS: So how does it feel to be back on tour with Ministry after all this time?
Aaron Rossi: Well I still feel like a child. I’ve been with the band for almost 10 years and it just brings me back to 1994 when I first heard the band when I was a teenager. Oh man just every night it brings me back and I love it.
RRS: Yeah, it was just like old times, like seeing you at the Ogden or the Aggie when I was a kid. Just keeps getting better every time. So how has the tour been so far?
AR: Good, good. I always say that if Al our singer is having fun then everyone is having fun and Al is really having a good time. Especially tonight I think and a sold out show.
RRS: Yeah I noticed he even mentioned going to school here which he doesn’t normally say. You guys definitely performed like you feel at home. And you have a little boy now right? Remo? How old is he?
AR: Yeah he is 8 months now and he has two little teeth coming in and little chunker legs like me. Mandi’s dad and brother are both like 7 feet tall so I’m hoping he will get to be a basketball player or something.
RRS: So tell me more about you. You do other things besides Ministry, so can you tell us more about you?
AR: Ah, well Mandi and I have a side project called KP riot Brigade, we didn’t name it- but we joined the group and it’s with Riggs from Rob Zombie, Sin and Cesar our guitar players from Ministry and then Mandi is singing and playing bass. It’s just brutal because she is just insane when she sings because she gets all sexy and cool and then she gets all ‘rawr,’ you know, so...
RRS: For those of you who don’t know Mandi is Remo’s mommy and Aaron’s lovely lady and she is a bad ass so got to go look that up! KP Riot Brigade.
So you guys played like a whole ton of songs tonight, so can you tell me a little about that what all was on the set list?
AR: Yeah we start with the new material and end with the old and the crowd is really popping towards the end of the set because the older stuff, but that is where I really get more energy too because just like everyone in the audience it really brings me back you know. It’s just so much fun.
RRS: So what do you do to unwind after a set and all that crazy energy?
AR: Ah, smoke herb and just chill because my ears are shot and my hands are shot. Um, we played a festival last night and I had charley horses in both of my legs so I stood up during the whole set and threw up horns and tried to stretch them out. Nobody knew I had charley horses you know. (Holds hands over head and walks it out) In front of a hundred thousand people.
RRS: What else do you have in store for us? What is coming up for Ministry?
AR: We are going to go to Asia/ Europe next year and tour around the Wacken festival but we definitely want to go back to Australia.
The band is the best it has ever been the crew is the best it has ever been. We bring our crew in from Germany and Mexico and they are like a Mercedes-Benz, you know they run a tight ship.
Oh and we went to Fashion Nation today. We have been going there for like 10 years now.
RRS: I didn’t even know they were still open!
AR: They have a new location and it’s fucking bad ass! I told him ‘Dude, congratulations!’ They are hooked up now.
RRS: remember back in the day when they were across from Wax Trax? Hell yeah Fashion Nation!
AR: Yeah, Paul Italiano at Fashion Nation hooked us up. That is where I got my tight hat and my new kicks!
RRS: Right on yea you are stylin’, dude that is awesome. Denver rocks right?
AR: So rocks!
RRS: Well thanks for talking to me dude!
AR: Hell yea, thank you! Oh, by the way, Amy took photos of my snare drum that has been donated to the Hard Rock Café, so yeah.
RRS: Oh yeah so are my photos in the Café too?
AR: No it’s still being processed. Our guitar player Sin also has donated his guitar so they are going to be cased. I guess they want to do something special. And it takes a long time so I hope they put it in the one in Hollywood close by so.
RRS: Well right on dude, thank you so much! Let us know where that ends up at so we can come visit.
AR: For sure, all of you (points to everyone) hell yeah. Thank you so much!
We hung out until bus call with Aaron, Tony and good old Uncle Al, smoked some amazing Colorado kind bud and talked about good times. I couldn’t have asked for a better show, interview, night or group of friends. I am truly blessed every day to spend my time with so many amazing and talented people. Until we meet again my friends!
Peace and catch Ministry on tour now before it’s over!!

Photos and article by Amy Hutcheson
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