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06/02/12 A Benefit for Chris Badger Event Review 

A colossal night of metal in remembrance of an unforgettable friend to many people, the Benefit for Chris Badger, like the man himself, will not be forgotten.
The lineup for this show gathered together bands, band mates and friends more so than any show I've seen, like a reunion from bad ass shows past. I've said it many times before but it's gotta be said again, Northern Colorado is absolutely fortunate to have the best bands, and the best fans that there are in the metal scene today....

Powering onstage next was the always entertaining, make you headbang band, Mojo Kamikaze. A great band to start the night off, Mojo gives you that kick in the ass that gets you singing along and moving around. Drummer Jeff Olson proves over and over again that he is the fucking man, Mojo being the 2nd band he played with tonight, as he had already played with Deadless earlier in the evening. Mojo's got skills.
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Keep your horns up high,
-Nikki Battlescar